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Expanding Silicon Valley Technology Center DuPont Expands Research and Development of New Energy and Electronic Materials

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OFweek Energy Efficiency News: DuPont recently announced that it has expanded the functionality of the Silicon Valley Technology Center to include innovative and collaborative facilities for new energy and electronics. The company plans to use the center to further accelerate product and process research and development, as well as enhance support for customers around the world, especially in Silicon Valley.
David B. Miller, President of DuPont’s Electronics and Communications Division, said the expansion was aimed at closer collaboration with a broader industrial customer base, including solar and consumer electronics. “We have comprehensive capabilities in research, product development, testing, and application support, which will lay a solid foundation for our innovation. By expanding our influence in the Silicon Valley community, we can build stronger partnerships to help customers worldwide achieve success.”
In 2011, DuPont acquired a start-up company on its original site, and subsequently further expanded its investment in facilities, tools, and laboratory improvements to enrich the center’s functionality. To date, no material supplier in the world has the ability to fully integrate the entire R&D process, from solar energy materials to battery and panel assembly, manufacturing, and testing.
The new DuPont Silicon Valley Technology Center covers commercial grade tools and processes for producing solar cells and panels. The company also plans to build a roof test station for solar panels by the end of this year. A new technical laboratory has been applied to the formulation research of the new Du Pont Solamet photoelectric metallization paste to develop more efficient solar cells.
The laboratory will also focus on the overall business growth of advanced electronic materials and supporting systems such as radar detection, car collision avoidance, and high-speed wireless communications.
DuPont has long been a leader in the market for advanced materials used in the solar photovoltaic and electronic industries. In the field of solar energy, DuPont is a leading supplier of professional materials, with the most comprehensive product portfolio designed specifically to improve power output, extend the reliable service life of solar panels, reduce overall system costs, and improve the return on investment in solar systems.
And DuPont has always regarded innovation as its constant pursuit. Since 2008, DuPont has held nearly 200 solar innovation patents worldwide, and more than 1300 application patents are pending. Recently, DuPont has been rated as a leading solar patent manufacturer by the Clean Energy Patent Growth Index.
Silicon Valley Technology Centers are part of DuPont’s global network of innovation and technology centers, where DuPont combines its comprehensive scientific and factory expertise with advanced application support to benefit its global customer base. The center is also one of DuPont’s nine global technology centers specializing in solar energy research and development, application development, and testing.

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