The wave of automotive electronics is unstoppable! OFweek 2023 Automotive Electronics Conference Successfully Held

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Electrification and intelligence of automobiles have become the mainstream development trend in the automotive industry. As an important component of the upstream of the automotive industry chain, the automotive electronics industry has played a crucial role in the intelligent transformation of the automotive industry. The proportion of the cost of electronic vehicles in automobiles continues to increase, and the innovation and development of their key technologies have become an important force in promoting innovation in the automotive industry. In order to help more engineers deeply participate in the automotive electronics industry, the “OFweek 2023 Engineer Series Online Conference – Automotive Electronics Technology Online Conference”, hosted by OFweek Wiki and hosted by OFweek Wiki · Electronic Engineering, was officially held on March 23, 2023.
Technical experts from Beijing University of Technology, Polar Ocean Semiconductor, Adex, Ames OSRAM, Western Data, Zhongke Yihaiwei, COMSOL, and analysts from the electronics industry of WikeNet attended the online meeting.
The theme of this speech comprehensively covers the upstream, midstream, and downstream of the automotive electronics industry chain, including automotive energy, vehicle specification level MCU, automotive lighting, automotive storage, automotive chips, simulation software, and automotive testing. More than 10000 attendees participated in this conference, with a lively atmosphere, continuous interaction, and full of dry goods throughout the conference!
Eight keynote speeches, dry goods can’t be missed
01. Intelligent technology and prospects supported by digital control and intelligent computing systems for on-board energy systems
Sun Liqing, Associate Professor, National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles, Beijing University of Technology
Sun Liqing, an associate professor at the National Engineering Laboratory of Electric Vehicles at Beijing University of Technology, stated in his keynote speech titled “Intelligent Technology and Prospects Supported by Digital Control and Intelligent Computing Systems for Onboard Energy Systems” that currently, new energy vehicles have become the most commonly used and environmentally friendly means of transportation for people to travel, but electric vehicles still face many pain points, such as the convenience, range Safety and other issues, while users who have purchased electric vehicles need to consider finding charging piles and parking spaces. In order to solve these problems, better on-board energy systems for new energy vehicles have become the focus of attention. Sun Liqing also mentioned a new type of vehicle power generation system controlled by digitization, intelligence, and networking of the power system, which is also known as vehicle energy diversification. On the other hand, Sun Liqing stated that the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industries has also embarked on a rapid development path, and has become a major emerging industry besides lithium battery vehicles.
02. Vehicle specification grade MCU products and solutions assist in high-quality development of domestic alternatives
Deng Tao, Senior Product Manager of Jihai Semiconductor
According to Deng Tao, Senior Product Manager of Polar Ocean Semiconductor, the global sales volume of new energy vehicles in 2022 will be about 10.65 million, with an annual increase of 64%. It is expected that the sales volume will reach 14.51 million in 2023. This will bring significant growth to the automotive MCU market. From 2021 to 2026, the global automotive MCU market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.4%, from $7.338 billion to $12.552 billion. During the theme sharing of “Vehicle Grade MCU Products and Solutions Helping the High Quality Development of Domestic Substitution”, Deng Tao also focused on explaining the market scale and trends of the ultrasonic radar and light industry to the audience. Deng Tao said that Jihai Semiconductor is an integrated circuit design enterprise specializing in industrial/vehicle level microcontrollers, high-performance analog chips, and system level chips. In terms of vehicle level chips and solution layout, the entire series of vehicle level general-purpose MCU and vehicle level ASICs have passed the AEC-Q100 vehicle level reliability certification, meeting the ISO 26262 functional safety standards, and are widely used in fields such as vehicle control, sensing, and BMS battery management.
03. Test Solution for 800V High Voltage System of New Energy Vehicles
Song Chenchen, Senior Technical Engineer of EDX
The number of new energy vehicles continues to rise, but the popularization process has always been accompanied by difficult and slow charging problems. In order to solve these problems, Song Chenchen, a senior technical engineer at Edex, brought the theme of “New Energy Vehicle 800V High Voltage System Test Solutions” to share. Song Chenchen said that using high-voltage charging technology for new energy vehicles is a major direction to solve the problem of slow charging, but the challenges involved in the 800V power battery testing are not simple, because the trend of high voltage and high power, higher voltage, increases the difficulty of wiring and the risk of high-voltage contacts. Secondly, the traditional independent source load scheme cannot meet the complex working condition simulation, requiring the support of high-speed hardware. Finally, it is relatively complex to obtain the curve change trend of the battery under different ambient temperatures from huge data. Based on advanced software and hardware technology, EDX solves the industry’s pain points. In terms of hardware advantages, it can achieve high-speed, seamless current switching, and modular design. It can be paired with equipment such as temperature boxes, temperature testers, and internal resistance testers. Through flexible step combinations, it comprehensively helps users verify battery performance.
04. Opportunities and challenges for automotive lighting in the new travel era
Luo Li, Senior Marketing Manager of Ames OSRAM
At this meeting, in a keynote speech titled “Opportunities and Challenges of Automotive Lighting in the New Travel Era”, Luo Li, Senior Marketing Manager of Ames OSRAM, stated that automotive lighting applications in modern vehicles are extremely broad, such as external lighting, interior lighting, autonomous driving, head up display, driver monitoring, gesture sensing, and human-computer interaction interfaces. As a driver of autonomous driving, Ames Osram attaches great importance to visual sensing, which will be a major focus of the development of intelligent vehicles in the next five years. Laurie also stated that with the further integration of visual sensing and lighting components, radar/lidar will also achieve mutual penetration and integration with automotive lighting.
05. Overview and Value Analysis of China’s Automotive Electronics Industry Chain
Shen Pengzhou, Electronics Industry Analyst at
Affected by the booming production and sales of new energy vehicles, the degree of automotive electronics continues to improve. Automotive electronics will usher in a long business cycle, and the industry will usher in a major development opportunity at the level of the entire industry chain. In the theme sharing of “Overview and Value Analysis of China’s Automotive Electronics Industry Chain”, Shen Pengzhou, an analyst in the electronics industry at, mentioned that automobiles are moving towards electrification, intelligence, and networking. Specifically, electrification means the transformation of the automotive energy system. From fuel to batteries, it is expected that the global sales of new energy vehicles will reach 18 million in 2025; In terms of intelligence, first, the penetration rate of intelligent cockpit will increase to 59% in 2025, and second, the level of autonomous driving will become more mature, with L2+penetration rate increasing to 28% in 2025; In terms of networking, from in-car connectivity to V2X, it is expected that the global penetration rate of new vehicles with Internet connectivity features will increase to 59% in 2025.
06. Data storage empowers future intelligent driving experience
Geng Hua, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Western Digital
“The rapid development of user experience is mainly concentrated in the two emerging functional domains of intelligent cockpit domain and autonomous driving domain.” Geng Hua, senior product marketing manager of Western Digital, proposed such a view in his speech on “Data Storage Empowers Future Intelligent Driving Experience.” He said that the development of display, car acoustics, tactile feedback, multi device interaction, and even metauniverse technology in intelligent cockpit will provide users with a variety of vehicle experiences. In the autonomous driving domain, relying on the powerful computing power of the autonomous driving platform, combined with high-definition map data, the autonomous driving and assisted driving domains currently provide more friendly and low latency visual interaction, providing people with a better autonomous/assisted driving experience. In his speech, Geng Hua also focused on introducing the vehicle storage products of Western Digital Vertical, helping to integrate the autonomous driving domain and the intelligent cockpit domain, accelerating the transition to a centralized architecture for the entire vehicle, and making the user experience more unified and friendly.
07. Domestic full forward strong autonomous FPGA chips and reconfigurable systems
Xia Jinjun, Senior Engineer/Sales Director of Zhongke Yihai Microelectronics
Xia Jinjun, Senior Engineer/Sales Director of Zhongke Yihai Microelectronics, delivered a keynote speech on “Domestic Fully Forward Strong Autonomous FPGA Chips and Reconfigurable Systems”. As the only high-tech enterprise under the Chinese Academy of Sciences currently engaged in FPGA chip research and development, Zhongke Yihai Microelectronics adheres to the full forward design technology route and independently develops highly reliable embedded programmable circuit IP cores, programmable logic chips, EDA software, and reconfigurable systems, Provide industry solutions and integrated circuit design services with high-performance and adaptive computing. According to reports, FPGA is widely used in intelligent vehicles due to its flexible and programmable characteristics, including ADAS/AD systems, power systems, intelligent cockpit systems, intelligent networking systems, safety systems, and so on. When its mass production as a certain type of automotive chip is stable, it can also be solidified to form a dedicated chip, significantly reducing costs.
08. Multi physical field simulation helps new energy vehicle innovation
COMSOL China Technical Manager Zhang Kai
With the development trend of lightweight, electrification, and intelligence in the automotive industry, the market has put forward higher requirements for the development and performance of new energy vehicles. Multi physical field simulation technology is widely used in new energy vehicles, providing effective solutions for the development and design of related products. In the “Multi physical field Simulation Assisting New Energy Vehicle Innovation” presented by Zhang Kai, COMSOL’s China Technical Manager, he introduced COMSOL automotive electronics and power device simulation, motor simulation, battery and thermal management simulation, and other content, demonstrating the simulation functions of the software applicable to various physical and engineering fields and multi physical field applications, And how simulation based on physical equations deals with numerical methods and settings for typical multi-physical field coupling problems in electronic devices.
Roundtable Discussion on Automotive Electronics, Exploring Industry Frontier Trends
During the round table forum, Sun Liqing, an associate professor at the National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles at Beijing University of Technology, Deng Tao, Senior Product Manager of Jihai Semiconductor, Zhu Jiahui, Chief Engineer of Western Digital, and Shen Pengzhou, an analyst in the electronics industry at Wikipedia, jointly participated in the discussion. When referring to the topic of automotive chips, Deng Tao believes that chip computing power is a growing focus of current smart car SoC. In addition to large computing power, future automotive chips will also become increasingly centralized in control; Professor Sun mentioned the topic of energy. Nowadays, new energy vehicles are becoming more and more popular. In the transformation from traditional fuel to fuel cell technology/electric vehicle technology/hybrid technology, there are still many problems to be solved in the management of on-board energy systems; In terms of the important evolution direction of future automotive electronics, Zhu Jiahui believes that automotive electrification/intelligence has become the mainstream trend in the automotive industry, and the core demand for automotive electronic products is becoming increasingly intelligent, connected to things, and green, with a significant increase in the demand for software in the future; Shen Pengzhou stated that cost, user experience, and performance are all the key points that consumers will pay attention to when purchasing automotive products in the future, which is also the key polishing direction for major automotive companies when developing products in the future.
Join hands to promote the ecology of the automotive electronics industry
Through the sharing of 8 guests today, it can be seen that cars are undoubtedly one of the hottest tracks at present. Moving from traditional fuel to electrification is bound to be an irreversible trend in the development of the automotive industry. At the same time, the advent of the digital era has enabled the deep integration of new generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things with the automotive industry, and the continuous integration of innovative technologies in the automotive industry. Behind this, there are hundreds of millions of market sizes and potential business opportunities. OFweek Electronics Engineering has focused on the development of electronic technology for many years, and hopes to work hand in hand with the majority of automotive electronics companies to contribute to the ecological development of the automotive industry.
After experiencing guest sharing and active questions and interactions from the audience, the “OFweek 2023 Engineer Series Online Conference – Automotive Electronics Technology Online Conference” was also successfully held. For more information about the guest speech content of this online conference, please follow OFweek’s WeChat official account.

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