Wuhan Xiaoan Technology adopts u-blox M10 high-precision GNSS positioning technology

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Xiaoan AT-MX intelligent central control system adopts u-blox’s latest ultra-low power M10 GNSS module to improve the positioning accuracy of shared motorcycles and effectively meet the high requirements of standardized urban traffic operations.

The concept of shared travel has gradually been accepted by everyone, and the upgraded version of shared bicycles has become an optimized solution that saves time, effort, and easy transportation; it is understood that 1 billion of the approximately 3 billion daily trips nationwide are Made possible by motorcycles. However, the problem of disorderly parking of shared motorcycles has also appeared in some cities, and urban governance agencies have also begun to introduce different degrees of control measures for shared motorcycles, which sets higher requirements for shared motorcycle operators.

In this context, Wuhan Xiaoan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xiaoan Technology”), as a leading provider of intelligent solutions for two-wheeled travel, has made breakthroughs in the release of the shared motorcycle AT-MX intelligent central control system and battery positioning anti-theft terminal Products, launched the first set of the latest standardized operation solutions for motorcycles that passed the batch test in China, to ensure that the standardized operation of operating brand vehicles meets the policy requirements of the local government for the shared motorcycle industry.

Xiaoan technology empowers intelligent two-wheel travel

Since its establishment in 2015, Xiaoan Technology has developed core business segments such as shared motorcycles, intra-city delivery, and vehicle intelligence, and has reached a 60% share in the shared motorcycle market, becoming a leader in the intelligent two-wheel travel industry. ” Mr. Liu Yufei, COO of Xiaoan Technology, said: “Responding to the country’s standardized management requirements for two-wheelers has always been our constant pursuit of the goal. As early as 2018, we proposed the concept of standardized operation. Since then, we have successively developed technologies such as Bluetooth road stud standardized parking technology, 90° directional parking technology, RFID fixed-point parking technology, and camera parking technology to help the government improve supervision problems. Promoting the development of two-wheel travel in the direction of refined operation and standardized management is also the focus of our technology development.

In the process of standardized management of shared motorcycles, precisely positioned vehicles can not only help users use the bike more conveniently, but also improve the work efficiency of vehicle operation and maintenance personnel during maintenance and delivery. In addition, through accurate vehicle usage data, shared motorcycle operators can achieve balance and operational safety of bicycles in the operating area. Therefore, how to realize the efficient and safe precise positioning function of bicycles is an urgent problem to be solved by Xiaoan Technology.

Cooperating with u-blox to build the “vehicle brain” of shared motorcycles

To this end, Xiaoan Technology adopts u-blox’s latest ultra-low power consumption M10 GNSS positioning module to create a shared motorcycle AT-MX intelligent central control system, battery positioning anti-theft terminal products, and launched the first set of standardization of domestic motorcycles that can pass batch tests Operational solutions. By integrating u-blox’s low-power consumption and high-precision GNSS positioning technology, Xiaoan’s intelligent central control system can not only improve the positioning accuracy of shared motorcycles, but also effectively help shared motorcycle operators obtain vehicle location distribution, operating conditions, and guarantees in real time. Vehicle safety, real-time management and control of parking behavior, and a “vehicle brain” for exploring the standardized operation of shared motorcycles.

As the latest generation of u-blox super power GNSS positioning technology, M10 supports receiving signals from four GNSS constellations (GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, GALILEO), and the receiver with Super-S technology helps to distinguish positioning signals from background noise It can easily achieve accurate positioning in challenging environments such as deep urban canyons, and can help shared motorcycles capture positioning data in complex urban road environments. Through accurate vehicle location information and usage data, shared motorcycle operators can efficiently achieve balance and operational safety of bicycles in the operating area.

When talking about the cooperation with u-blox, Xiaoan Technology COO Mr. Liu Yufei said: “u-blox is a leading supplier of positioning and wireless communication technology and services in the industry, and its product positioning performance is in a leading position in the world. Bicycle operators provide more accurate positioning functions. We have screened most of the positioning chips on the market, and the test results in different environments such as high-rise buildings, forests, and 5G base stations show that the central control equipped with u-blox positioning technology can be located accurately. More precise, which facilitates our cooperation with u-blox.”

Mr. Xiang Wenwu, senior sales manager of u-blox, said: “We are very honored to have an in-depth cooperation with Xiaoan Technology and provide u-blox’s latest GNSS positioning technology for the shared travel solution independently developed by Xiaoan Technology. In the future, we will also listen carefully According to the needs of Xiaoan Technology, optimize its own positioning chip technology according to the functional goals and application scenarios of its products, and provide efficient technical support at the same time, cooperate with Xiaoan Technology to continuously improve the riding experience of electric vehicles, and contribute to smart city travel.”

Finally, when talking about the future development of Xiaoan Technology, Mr. Liu Yufei, COO of Xiaoan Technology, added: “We not only care about sharing, but Xiaoan Technology will pay more attention to all kinds of interaction between people and vehicles, vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and ground, and people and ground in the future. Intelligent application scenarios and continuous technological innovation make two-wheel travel happier and more convenient.”

Wuhan Xiaoan Technology adopts u-blox M10 high-precision GNSS positioning technology

About Wuhan Xiaoan Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Xiaoan Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, and is committed to becoming the best partner for intelligent solutions for two-wheel travel enterprises. At present, the company has received investment from many listed companies including Qunar.com. It is a national high-tech enterprise with a complete software and hardware R&D, production and sales system, and the company has strong R&D strength. More than 80% of the core personnel are from Huazhong Technology. University, Wuhan University and other 985 universities, have working experience in well-known companies such as BAT and Huawei. The company’s products cover shared motorcycle solutions, smart motorcycle solutions, standardized management solutions for electric vehicles, etc., and provide professional intelligent hardware, PaaS, SaaS, etc. , traffic monetization, operation support to financial services one-stop solution. Through technology-driven industry innovation, making two-wheel travel more and more convenient, contributing to smart city travel is the constant purpose of Xiaoan Technology.

About u-blox

u-blox (SIX:UBXN) is a leading provider of positioning and wireless communication technologies and services for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. Its solutions enable accurate positioning of people, vehicles and machines and enable wireless communication over cellular and short-range networks. With a broad and diverse portfolio of chips, modules and a growing ecosystem of products supporting data services, u-blox is uniquely positioned to help its customers develop innovative solutions for the Internet of Things quickly and cost-effectively. u-blox is headquartered in Thalwil, Switzerland and currently has offices in Europe, Asia and the United States.

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