Heavyweight! Huanxu Electronics plans to acquire Tyco Electronics’ automotive wireless business

Recently, Huanxu Electronics announced that Huanhong Electronics Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, plans to establish a special purpose company (hereinafter referred to as “SPV Company”) in a joint venture with Ample Trading, Co., Ltd. to acquire the automotive wireless business of Tyco Electronics Co., Ltd. at an overall valuation of $48 million. […]

The wave of automotive electronics is unstoppable! OFweek 2023 Automotive Electronics Conference Successfully Held

Electrification and intelligence of automobiles have become the mainstream development trend in the automotive industry. As an important component of the upstream of the automotive industry chain, the automotive electronics industry has played a crucial role in the intelligent transformation of the automotive industry. The proportion of the cost of electronic vehicles in automobiles continues […]

Car dealers prefer customized services for automotive electronics

Recently, FAW, a domestic automotive manufacturer, and Freescale, an automotive electronics manufacturer, formed a partnership to establish a joint automotive electronics laboratory. The laboratory is established in the FAW Technology Center, focusing on new technology research and development, involving various fields of automotive electronics, focusing on powertrain control, chassis control, active safety, and new energy […]

What is China’s strength in the field of automotive electronics in the next “gold mine” in the semiconductor industry?

With Qualcomm’s acquisition of NXP, Intel’s launch of multiple vehicle gauge processors, and the subsequent acquisition of Israel’s autonomous vehicle technology company Mobileye by MediaTek, automotive electronics will undoubtedly become the next gold mine for semiconductor manufacturers, but how is the global automotive electronics industry changing? What role does China play in this process? Despite […]

The first China Automotive Electronics Conference held a proposal to establish “China Automotive Electronics Industry Ecological Alliance”

Technology integration and industrial upgrading in the automotive industry. One of the highlights of this conference is that the China Electronics Information Industry Development Research Institute, together with nearly 30 enterprises and institutions in the industrial chain such as SMIC International, Weilai Automobile, Huawei, Baidu, NXP, Sims Technology, Qualcomm, Intel, Huali, Zebra Network, Ziguang Spreadtrum, […]