Kailing Technology builds an integrated circuit design industry enabling cloud platform in Lingang New Area

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It is reported that Kailing, an integrated circuit design cloud company, announced on April 6, 2022 that it has reached a cooperation with Synopsys, the world’s number one EDA and IP company, becoming Synopsys’ first integration company in China Circuit cloud ecological strategic partner. Synopsys assisted Kailing Technology in building an integrated circuit design industry empowerment cloud platform in Shanghai Lingang New Area, bringing a brand-new integrated circuit enterprise empowerment and innovation model to the chip design industry in the region.

At present, China’s chip industry is developing rapidly. Chip companies need to quickly deploy a chip design environment and join the chip manufacturing ecosystem to realize the industrialization of innovation. This brings huge challenges to growing companies in resource allocation in terms of capital, talent, and technology. Kailing Technology and Synopsys have reached a cooperation to build a flexible, convenient and secure one-stop integrated circuit cloud design platform, and are committed to solving this key challenge that hinders the development of the industry.

Mr. Feng Jiang, Chairman and CEO of Kailing, said: “We are very pleased to cooperate with Synopsys, which is actively embracing the cloud ecology. As the world’s leading EDA company, Synopsys develops solutions based on its cloud-optimized SaaS chip, targeting China. Due to the characteristics and needs of the integrated circuit industry, Kailing is chosen as the domestic cloud ecological partner, which not only fully matches the industrial positioning of Lingang New Area, but also affirms Kailing’s ecological positioning. Our cloud platform can quickly Deploy the chip design environment, intelligently allocate resources and optimize security, effectively improve design efficiency, lower the threshold for innovation, and promote the rapid growth of integrated circuit companies.”

China’s cloud technology is developing rapidly and has been maturely applied in many industries. Relying on the industrial characteristics of Lingang, the integrated circuit design cloud platform combines China’s mature cloud technology, Synopsys’ world-leading SaaS-based EDA solution, and Kailing’s electronic design cloud platform to give full play to the flexibility and The advantages of ultra-large-scale computing power create an electronic industry cloud with Chinese characteristics and provide a new driving engine for the development of the industry.


Kailing Technology is located in the Lingang New Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the enabling platform of the electronic design industry. Through integrated development, cooperation and personalized customization with EDA and cloud services, we provide one-stop electronic design and technical support solutions–“Lingyun” series, which can support AI, 5G, high-performance computing, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics , and other electronic design in different fields to fully empower.

Kailing Technology builds an integrated circuit design industry enabling cloud platform in Lingang New Area

The strategic positioning of the Lingang New Area is to establish a world-class cutting-edge industry group with key core technologies as breakthroughs, among which integrated circuits are one of the core industries for key layout. At present, the Lingang New Area has initially formed an integrated circuit ecosystem covering chip design, equipment materials, process manufacturing, third-generation semiconductors, and packaging and testing. The Lingang New Area will focus on the policy of “high-end leadership, full-chain development, innovation and excellence, and cross-border integration” to promote the “Oriental Chip Port” integrated circuit industry base to become a major carrier in response to the two major strategies of the free trade zone strategy and the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Center area.

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