With the arrival of the new “four modernizations” trend of automobiles, automotive electronic components and parts are facing new opportunities and challenges

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With the arrival of the new “four modernizations” trend in the automotive industry, new industrial changes are bringing new opportunities and challenges to automotive electronic components!
As the most important professional exhibition in the field of electronics and embedded technology in South China, the 2018 Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition (ELEXCON2018) was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on December 20-22, 2018. With the theme of “IOT China, Smart Planet”, the 2018 Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition, from electronic components, optoelectronic devices, integrated circuits, power modules… to embedded systems, electronic materials, electronic production equipment, electronic measuring instruments… to industrial control automation systems, focused on new technologies and applications in the fields of artificial intelligence, smart home, the Internet of Things, smart cars and new energy.
Auto electronic components and systems become the focus of the exhibition!
At the exhibition, from electronic components exhibition area to connector exhibition area, and then to embedded technology and system solutions exhibition area, the application of electronic components and systems in automobiles throughout the exhibition.
In the energy technology exhibition area, products such as power supply, energy management system, motor, frequency converter, converter, manufacturing equipment, charging and changing equipment (pile, station, device) show the irresistible trend of new energy vehicles in the new energy revolution.
In the auto electronics zone, auto electronic components, materials, on-board semiconductors, wire harness connectors, drive systems, electronic control systems, etc. show the importance of electronic components in the three-electric system of new energy vehicles.
The Intelligent Connected Vehicle Zone, M2M system, equipment, LRV communication, vehicle management, driving management, on-board entertainment equipment, Internet of Vehicles products and services, etc., shows the connectivity between people, vehicles and the cloud.
In addition, solutions such as ADAS, camera, laser radar, vision system, sensor technology, artificial intelligence, etc. show the technology and direction of future cars.
At the same time, the exhibition also held the 2018 Smart Connected Vehicles and Automotive Semiconductors Seminar and the 2019 Auto Electronics Enterprises How to Break the Ice. Senior executives from companies such as Great Wall Motors, Rongpai Semiconductor, Desai Xiwei Automotive Electronics, and Alibaba Automotive Division have delivered speeches and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with the automotive industry on topics such as “China’s automobile market entering a new stage”. “Spring Warms and Flowers Bloom”, “New Opportunities for Car Audio in the Intelligent Internet Era”, “Application of Laser Radar in Autonomous Driving”.
In the “new four modernizations” trend, automotive electronics is the key to improving automotive performance!
Currently, China has grown into the world’s largest automotive market, and the automotive industry plays an important role in the economic growth of various countries, which also brings enormous development opportunities to the automotive electronics market.
With the arrival of the new four modernizations of new energy vehicles and intelligent networked vehicles, the wave of change in the automotive industry continues to advance. Although new energy vehicles and autonomous vehicle have suffered some obvious setbacks, the trend of change in the automotive industry is still unstoppable! Moreover, the upgrading of automotive electronic technology is seen as the key to promoting the new four modernizations of automobiles!
According to OFweek industry research data, automotive electronics sales will increase by 7% in 2018. It is expected that automotive related electronic system sales will increase from $142 billion in 2017 to $152 billion in 2018. The increase is expected to be even greater in 2019, and is expected to increase to $162 billion.As the general name of vehicle body electronic control device and vehicle electronic control device, vehicle electronics covers vehicle body electronic control device, including engine control system, chassis control system and body electronic control system (body electronic ECU). An electronic control system composed of sensors, microprocessors MPU, actuators, dozens or even hundreds of electronic components and parts. The degree of automobile electronization is regarded as an important indicator to measure the level of modern automobile. Automotive electronics has become the most important technical measure to develop new models, improve the safety, comfort, economy and entertainment of automobiles, and improve the performance of automobiles under the new four modernizations of automobile industry.
The application of automotive electronics technology will bring two major changes to automobiles:
1. The mechanical structure of automobiles will also undergo significant changes, and various control systems of automobiles will develop towards electronics and electrification to achieve “control by wire”. Replace the original mechanical transmission mechanism with wire, such as “wire brake”, “wire controlled steering”, and “electronic accelerator”.
2. Convert the vehicle’s 12V power supply system to 42V. With the increasing number of automotive electronic devices, the consumption of electric energy is also significantly increasing. The existing 12V power supply can no longer meet the needs of all electrical systems on the vehicle. In the future, an integrated starting generator 42V power supply system will be adopted. The maximum output power of the generator will increase from 1 kW in 2005 to about 8 kW, and the power generation efficiency will reach over 80%. The implementation of the new standard for 42V automotive electrical systems will result in significant changes in the design and structure of automotive electrical components, and mechanical relays and fuse protection circuits will be eliminated.
Today, the society has entered the era of information and network. People hope that the automobile is not only a means of transportation, but also that the application of automobile electronic technology will make the automobile more intelligent. Intelligent vehicles are equipped with a variety of sensors, which can fully perceive the conditions of drivers and passengers, traffic facilities and surrounding environment information, judge whether the passengers are in the best state, whether the vehicles and people are in danger, and take corresponding measures in time.https://www.slw-ele.com/
In addition, people prefer to be in the car as an extension of the scope of life and work. In the car, they can listen to the radio, make phone calls, access the Internet and deal with work just like they are in their own offices and homes. With the progress of digital technology, cars will also enter the multimedia era. The on-board computer multimedia system developed by using WINDOWS operating system has the functions of information processing, communication, navigation, anti-theft, language recognition, image display and entertainment. In the foreseeable future, the car will be equipped with automatic navigation and auxiliary driving system. The driver can input the destination of driving into the car computer, and the car will drive along the best route to the destination. People can use the language recognition system to control various facilities in the car, while driving the car, while enjoying music and television, and booking meals and air tickets online.

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