Improve the comprehensive ability of China’s automotive electronics technology to promote the sustainable development of the automotive industry

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Looking at the automotive industry, the electronization, multimedia, and networking of automobiles are enabling them to simultaneously provide multiple functions such as transportation, entertainment, office, and communication. The application of electronic technology in automobiles has become an important means for automotive design and research departments to consider automotive structural innovation. In recent years, the vigorous development of the automotive industry has created a huge aftermarket for automobiles, and many automotive electronics manufacturers have emerged as the times require. The rapid development and popularization of electronic technology has had an impact on all aspects of people’s daily life. Taking the automotive sector as an example,
With the continuous development of automotive electronics technology and market demand, automotive electronics plays an increasingly important role in the development of the automotive industry and has a broad market prospect. Domestic automotive electronics is facing the situation of late start and low market share. How to seize the technological commanding heights and how to enhance the overall competitiveness and market coverage are urgent problems to be solved. Most areas of the domestic automotive electronics market are occupied by multinational or joint ventures. The localization rate of the domestic automotive electronics market is relatively low. There is a huge space for independent enterprises to replace imports and improve. In some areas, such as car navigation and car information entertainment systems, independent brands have their own advantages and have occupied a certain market space. How to deal with further technological development and market challenges, how to improve their technical level, and how to get rid of the current embarrassing situation of “market share without market share” is worthy of attention and consideration.
Driven by the trend of electrification, intelligence and networking of automobiles, automobile electronics are becoming more and more important. With the intelligent connected vehicle listed as one of the important strategic directions of the country, it is expected that the growth potential of the automotive electronics industry will be further released. From another point of view, automotive electronics has become a new growth point in the electronic manufacturing industry, providing new development opportunities for China’s electronic manufacturing equipment manufacturers. As the world’s largest auto production and consumption country, China’s auto electronics market will gradually slow down as China’s auto industry enters a stage of steady development. In addition, the domestic automotive electronics market is still mainly dependent on the front loading market. With the continuous improvement of the domestic car ownership, there is still a lot of room for the development of automotive electronics products. It is expected that the market size of China’s automotive electronics industry will increase to 148.6 billion US dollars by 2026.
In a word, in the process of automobile development, automobile electronic technology plays a very important role, affecting the development level of China’s automobile industry. At present, it is necessary to fully understand the current situation of the application of automotive electronic technology, and on this basis, gradually develop in the direction of energy conservation and consumption reduction, green environmental protection and sensor technology application, gradually improve the comprehensive ability of China’s automotive electronic technology, and promote the sustainable development of the automotive industry.
The development of the automotive electronics industry is closely related to the development of the automotive industry. At present, the United States, Europe and Japan are the leaders of automotive electronics technology, and hold the industry’s core technology and market development advantages. The main markets of global automotive electronics products are concentrated in North America, Europe, Japan and other regions. With the transfer of the automotive manufacturing industry to emerging countries and regions, emerging automotive electronics markets in China, India, South America and other developing countries and regions are developing rapidly. Automotive electronics can be divided into two categories, one is automotive electronic control devices (also called body electronic devices), and the other is on-board electronic devices. Among them, the body electronic device and the mechanical system on the vehicle are used together, that is, “electromechanical combination”. Body electronic devices, including engine control system, chassis control system, body electronic control system, etc. The on-board electronic device is an electronic device that can be used independently in the automobile environment. It has no direct relationship with the performance of the automobile itself, including the automobile information system, navigation system, automobile audio and television entertainment system.
In the future, cars will evolve with the main idea of intelligent vehicles, and the proportion of complete vehicle equipment for automotive electronics will become higher and higher. Basic software and hardware will support various automotive component products and subsystems, complete human-like interactive user man-machine interface technology solutions with user experience as the core, and complete intelligent services for networked closed-loop communication and interaction between people, vehicles, and roads. The range of automotive electronics is very large, from hardware to software, from systems to architecture. Cai Ruzi said some of his own understanding. The development of automobiles in the future will mainly follow the new four modernizations, which is also the consensus and characteristic of the development of the global automotive industry.

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