AWC Auto Electronics Exhibition is very hot

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The curtain of the grand ribbon-cutting ceremony was officially opened
At the opening ceremony of AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA on the first day of 2019, the organizer invited many well-known guests from the automotive electronics industry to attend. Among them, Xu Bingliang, General Manager of SAE International in China, and Han Rui, Director of the Second Exhibition Division of the Electronic Information Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, addressed the stage successively, explaining the development process of AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA.
Subsequently, the exhibitors represented Xu Guofu, deputy general manager of Jingbin Co., Ltd., Zhongtong Xiacheng, chairman of Sun Induce, Xu Bingliang, general manager of SAE International in China, Wang Yafei, deputy director of the Research and Promotion Center of Intelligent Internet Industry of China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd., and Chen Huijun, secretary general of Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association, Han Rui of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Wang Yongting, senior project director of Reed Exhibitions Group, and other important guests took the stage together to cut the ribbon for the opening of the exhibition. At this point, the annual Auto Electronics Festival officially opened.
A number of famous automobile enterprises organized a group visit to the automobile carnival
Adhering to the exhibition concept of promoting the development of the automotive electronics industry, AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019 Automotive Electronics Technology Exhibition aims to provide a “professional, international and brand” high-quality platform for business expansion, technical exchange, strength demonstration and business opportunities for Chinese and foreign exhibitors by virtue of unique creativity, scientific organization and excellent service, so as to promote the further integration of the automotive industry and cutting-edge information technology, Provide more cooperation opportunities for the global automobile industry.
At the exhibition site, well-known domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers, including BYD, GAC, Bosch, and Desai Xiwei, as well as some Tier1 vehicle manufacturers, all sent their strongest visiting lineups to participate in the annual event of the automotive industry. As the source and support of the automotive industry, the development trend of automotive electronics directly affects the process of the automotive industry. Therefore, the procurement trends of these automobile and complete vehicle enterprise visiting groups directly affect the development trend of the automotive electronics industry. Due to its professionalism and authority, many automotive manufacturers use AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019 as a high-end platform for obtaining information about the automotive electronics industry and grasping the international market.
Leading the trend of the automotive electronics industry, powerful exhibitors made their debut
Focusing on the tracking and exploration of the leading edge of automotive electronics for many years has established the important position of AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019 as a highly influential quality exhibition in the automotive electronics industry in Asia. In particular, the scope of exhibitors has been continuously expanded to promote the internationalization of the exhibition. This year’s AWC Auto Electronics Technology Exhibition has welcomed dozens of well-known exhibitors from many countries, and the product chain covers a wide range.
Among them, auto electronic component giants include Bosch, Nikikon, Sun Induce, Murata, Rubycon, Kodaga, Sensex Technology, and Jingda; Exhibitors in the field of Internet of Vehicles include Italy and France Semiconductor, SYSGO, Nextip (Guanyu Mingtong), and Zhongjutai Optoelectronics; In the field of automatic driving, there are Airbus, BlackBerry, dSPACE, 360, Novak, Forum 8, Wind River System, and Weisheng Electronics; Exhibitors in the automotive electronic test technology sector include Nuovo, SGS, ixia, Cyberlum, Forum 8; Keihin Corporation, a pioneer in the control technology of new energy vehicles, and Albert, Hans, Yisai Intelligent in the field of automotive electronic materials, as well as 13 high-quality enterprises in the exhibition area of Shenzhen Auto Electronics Industry Association. The powerful exhibitors who made their debut comprehensively focused on the application scenarios of intelligent automobile electronics, including L3 and L4 automatic driving necessary algorithms, sensors, high-precision maps, chips and many other cutting-edge solutions in the hot fields of automobile electronics in 2019, which can be seen everywhere at the exhibition site.
The proud Weilai star of domestic cars joined the exhibition for the first time
AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019, as an open platform for the automotive electronics industry, is committed to gathering all the elites in the industry and attracting all the outstanding industrial achievements of the industry to attend the exhibition. As an excellent member of the new force of domestic automobile manufacturing, Weilai Automobile is becoming the pride of Chinese automobile. Every new energy model launched by the company has received high attention from the society.
In the Weilai Automobile Exhibition Area of AWC Auto Electronics Exhibition, ES6 and ES8 star models firmly caught the attention of previous audiences with their high appearance and numerous black technologies accumulated in the field of new energy. In particular, the ES8, the first mass production vehicle launched by Weilai Automobile, is a performance monster with both safety and soft power. Whether it’s technology or people car conversations, Ulai ES8 is redefining a new user experience. On December 15, 2018, the high-performance and long-endurance intelligent electric SUV Ulai ES6 was officially launched, and once launched, it received unanimous praise. On June 18, 2019, ES6 officially launched user delivery.
Track industry trends and share cutting-edge trends
Influenced by 5G and AI, new forces, new hotspots and new technologies in the automotive electronics industry emerge in an endless stream. The AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019 Auto Electronics Technology Exhibition, which focuses on tracking the industry trend, will change in due time to promote the exhibition. In particular, we invited a number of automobile brand enterprise decision-makers, business (association) leaders, and well-known experts and scholars to jointly check the current situation of the automotive electronics industry and help the healthy development of the industry.
The SAE-AWC 2019 autonomous vehicle Safety Technology International Forum, which opened on the first day, is one of the few professional seminars focusing on automatic driving safety in the industry. At the summit, Ganesh V. Iyer, CIO of Weilai Automobile, Liu Weiguo, Senior Chief Engineer of Geely Automobile, Fang Chengxun, an expert in driving system engineering of FAW Automobile, Huang Shaotang, Chief Technical Officer of Jiangling Automobile, Tsuyoshi Toyama, the head of Frick, Chief Researcher of Toyota Automobile, and industry leaders from Baidu, Harman, Tencent Cohen, etc. spoke in succession, mainly discussing safety pain points in the field of autonomous driving, Topics include autonomous driving standards, regulations, safety design, functional safety, safety testing, validation, and evaluation. https://www.stoneitech.
As an emerging industry, new energy vehicles have broad prospects and also meet the development trend of future automobiles. However, there are still shortcomings in the powertrain and sensor systems of new energy vehicles that need to be overcome. The second AWC 2019 New Energy Vehicle Key Parts Technology Conference discussed the key technologies of new energy vehicle key parts, battery management system (BMS), and high-voltage key parts that are of public concern. Wang Fei, an expert in the IPU industry of Xiaopeng Automobile, Wu Haiping, Senior R&D Manager of BYD, Ma Ling, Hardware Design Manager of Huayu Automobile, Dr. Lin Chunjing, China Automotive Technology Research Center, and Sun Shuqiang, Senior Marketing Manager of Botswana China,
Elite gathering for business communication and warm reception
AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019 Auto Electronics Exhibition continued to continue its features. Hundreds of elites from the auto electronics industry came to the business exchange cocktail party and took full advantage of the platform to carry out exchange activities. At the reception, both the supply and demand sides of automotive electronics expressed their views and exchanged enthusiastically. The whole process was permeated with a warm atmosphere. Most of the elites attending the cocktail party are R&D, technology and management personnel from the main engine manufacturers and first-tier suppliers. They said that the cocktail party activities of AWC can enable them to meet more peers, promote in-depth exchanges between enterprises, and realize work interconnection and resource sharing. This is an important event that cannot be missed every year. At the same time, it is also an important part of the unique visit experience created by AWC 2019 Auto Electronics Exhibition for them.
Industry summits such as the Automotive Electronics Innovation Forum and the Intelligent Internet Connection were also successfully held on the first day. Many industry elites interacted with each other and actively participated in the discussion of the important topics of the automotive electronics market and the exploration of business opportunities. The audience is not only a listener, but also a protagonist because of the opportunity to collide with the guests. We will fully display innovative technologies and cutting-edge concepts in the field of intelligent cockpit such as human-computer interaction, and welcome people from the industry to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in the grand event, and work together to create a better future for the domestic automotive electronics industry.

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