The automobile electronic chip has become the brain and information processing center of the automobile

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Entering the 21st century, with the growth of the national economy, it has not only driven the comprehensive development of the automotive industry, but also led to the rapid development and improvement of the entire automotive industry chain and automotive electronic chips. Automotive electronic products have been applied to many mid to high-end and even high-end vehicles. Today, automotive electronic chips have become the brain and information processing center of automobiles.
In today’s rapid economic development, owning a car is no longer a dream. Automobile manufacturers have also widely applied more high-tech technologies to automobiles, such as reversing radar, GPS anti-theft alarm, car audio, and navigation devices. They have also added voice recognition technology and intelligent voice systems to achieve human-vehicle interaction, enabling cars to reflect their own value, safety, and convenience; These technologies have become standard equipment for almost every car.
Automotive electronic devices now include electronic fuel injection systems, brake anti lock control, anti slip control, traction control, electronically controlled suspension, electronically controlled automatic transmission, electronic power steering systems, automotive information systems (trip computers), navigation systems, automotive audio and video entertainment systems, on-board communication systems, Internet devices, etc., which are connected through the control bus in the vehicle, All command information is sent and received through the bus.
Automotive electronics has become a core element in the transformation of electric and intelligent vehicles. Electrification has brought disruptive changes to vehicle power systems. The control and management of automotive electronics around on-board power batteries has become the key to the success of battery power systems, playing a central role in the control of power assemblies and battery management systems. Intelligence brings about a revolution in car travel and vehicle upgrading. Relying on the upgrading of automotive electronic and electrical architecture, high-performance sensors and high-performance computing have been widely used. Cars are gradually entering the era of autonomous driving. Digital upgrade and intelligent interconnection promote the intellectualization of the cockpit. Software OTA significantly reduces vehicle production and maintenance costs. Automotive electronics has become the hardware foundation for software defining cars in the intelligent era.
With the development trend of electric and intelligent vehicles, automotive electronics has entered an innovative growth cycle. Power electronics, sensors, and computing chips are widely used in various functional modules of electric vehicles and intelligent vehicles, and the value of the automotive electronics supply chain has significantly increased. At the same time, with the widespread promotion and application of consumer electronics, consumers are increasingly inclined to integrate electronic products with more functions. The popularity of the Internet has also prompted consumers to increase their demand for in-vehicle communication and in-vehicle communication. Entertainment function, continuously improving the popularity of automotive electronics. In the future,
With the continuous development of the automotive industry and electronic information technology, as well as people’s pursuit of driving safety, comfort, and entertainment, the application field and proportion of automotive electronic technology are increasingly expanding. The vehicle body electronic control system and on-board electronic control system have gradually become the standard configuration of automobiles, and their application proportion in medium and low end models has continuously increased. At the same time, with the trend of intelligent, low-carbon, and networked vehicles, the application of automotive electronic technology continues to deepen, the proportion of single vehicle electronic costs continues to increase, and the demand for automotive electronic components continues to increase.
With the impact of the trend of automotive intelligence and electrification, automotive electronics are widely used in various fields of automotive. Benefiting from the rapid growth of the automotive electronics market, automotive electronics applications have gradually become the backbone of global passive component manufacturers.
The global automotive industry is undergoing a period of great change. The improvement of people’s requirements for the use of automobiles has promoted the development of the automobile industry towards intelligence, electrification, and networking. Automotive electronics has become the development focus and emerging growth point of industrial strategy in the field of automotive industry technology. The carrying capacity of automotive semiconductors has become a measure of automotive electronics. With the continuous growth of global automotive production and the in-depth application of automotive electronics technology, the overall scale of the global automotive electronics market will continue to expand.
With the rapid development of electronic information technology and the continuous transformation of the automotive manufacturing industry, the application and innovation of automotive electronic technology has greatly promoted the progress and development of the automotive industry. It plays a key role in improving the power, economy, and safety of automobiles, improving the driving stability and comfort of automobiles, reducing the emission pollution and fuel consumption of automobiles, and providing automobiles with rich functions. Such as entertainment, office, and communication.

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