Wishbone: smart thermometer generated under the maker mode

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OFweek electronic engineering network: Now is an era of mass entrepreneurship, many people have joined the entrepreneurial army, and the maker model with “innovation sharing” as the core has also emerged at the historic moment. With the birth of entrepreneurial model, more and more creative products are coming to us. Three fathers of makers, including Yang Yuntao from Shenzhen, have jointly launched a wishbone intelligent thermometer for infants with the help of the maker model. To use this thermometer, you need to download an app called Zhiwenbao from Apple’s App store, install and open it after downloading, and then insert wishbone into the headset hole of the phone. The main interface of Zhiwenbao is divided into two temperature modes: “ambient temperature” and “surface temperature”. When measuring the temperature of a baby, you only need to choose to enter the temperature mode, point the detector at the baby’s forehead, gently press the button, and wait for 2 seconds. The whole process is very convenient and fast.
The three fathers were previously engaged in intelligent hardware development, medical treatment and sales. The reason why they conceived the idea of making this intelligent thermometer was that their children often fell ill and had a fever when they first went to kindergarten, and the thermometer on the market was unsafe, inconvenient to operate and so on. The three dads shared their ideas in a group of makers and got a lot of advice and help. Their ideas are becoming more mature and perfect. They also encountered Leonov, executive general manager of Shenzhen Huaqiang International Maker Center, who was lurking in the maker group to find good projects and teams. This unexpected encounter has solved many problems in the supply chain for the three entrepreneurs and greatly accelerated the process of turning smart thermometers from creativity to reality.
Nevertheless, the three dads still encountered many difficulties. The research and development of the smart thermometer has exhausted all the savings of the three fathers. Next, how to carry out trial production and mass production? The three fathers thought of crowdfunding. They made their projects into films and put them on a crowdfunding website abroad, hoping to solve the problem of funding through crowdfunding. Finally, their project won the support of 4400 parents around the world and successfully raised more than 200000 dollars. With the help of this fund, the smart thermometer developed by the three fathers was finally released in small quantities, and the market responded well. However, because it is the first product, the production cost is high, and the unit price is difficult for ordinary consumers to accept. Their products can only be sold to some well-known foreign sellers.
In order to reduce costs, further promote this smart thermometer and open the market, they chose to enter a newly established maker space. After entering the Maker Center, more resources and more space have been opened to their team, and even Tencent, the IT giant, has turned its attention to this product.
On July 12, Yang Yuntao’s group was included in the 20 billion maker plan launched by Tencent and Huaqiang Group. Tencent Huaqiang has jointly invested 10 billion resources and will adopt the operation mode of “incubation platform+venture capital+industrial resources” to integrate soft and hard resources, create a world-class maker space, and strive to support 100 hardware startup companies with market value of more than 100 million and sales of more than 100 million in the next three years. The smart thermometer project of Yang Yuntao’s team has been included, which makes their products meet with Chinese consumers in the near future.

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