How can we help new energy vehicles become electronic and intelligent?

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New energy vehicles refer to vehicles that use unconventional vehicle fuels as their power source (or use conventional vehicle fuels, or use new on-board power devices), integrate advanced technologies in vehicle power control and driving, and form advanced technical principles, new technologies, and new structures. From the perspective of the global development of new energy vehicles, their power sources mainly include lithium ion batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, fuel cells, lead acid batteries, and supercapacitors, most of which appear in the form of auxiliary power sources.
Nowadays, with the progress of intelligent technology, many new energy vehicles are intelligent. New energy vehicles will accelerate the arrival of the era of networking and electronics. In addition to 3C electronic products, automotive related electronic and electrical products such as electric motors, on-board entertainment information systems, electric steering systems, and collision avoidance radars are also increasing. Jing Beibei, Regional Product Manager for the Asia Pacific Region of the Industrial Division of TE (Tyco Electronics), said that the Dynamic Connection solution can be applied to industrial automation and control, including motion control, robot control, frequency converters, power automation, machine tools, uninterruptible power supplies, and energy management; It can also be applied in commercial buildings and railways, including lighting control, elevator and escalator control, revolving door control, subway shield doors, railway subway air-conditioning control, and other traffic monitoring.
Jing Beibei mentioned that the advantages of Dynamic include a 3-point contact surface, high seismic resistance, plastic flame retardant grade of 94V-0, improved safety factor, gold plating and tin plating options, multiple cost options, a complete product range, multiple options, multiple application cases, and high market acceptance.

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