China’s mobile phone market has hit a record low, with only 250 million phones, and Apple has become the most beautiful child

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CINNO, a market research institute, released data on China’s mobile phone sales in 2022. According to data, China’s mobile phone sales fell 19% to only 255 million units, the lowest since 2015. During the downturn, Apple unexpectedly became a big winner in the Chinese market.
China’s mobile phone market hit a record low of just 250 million units, with Apple becoming the most beautiful child
China’s mobile phone market is undoubtedly still the largest in the world. However, mobile phone sales in this market have continued to decline in recent years, dropping from a peak of 470 million units in 2016 to the current 255 million units. The shipment volume has been almost halved. With the continuous decline in mobile phone shipments in the domestic market, domestic mobile phone brands are also having a difficult time.
Data from the first three quarters of 2022 show that the shipment volume of several major mobile phone brands in China has declined. The main reason is that their flagship mobile phones are priced too high, which has failed to attract consumers. As a result, their share of the high-end mobile phone market has shrunk to over 20%. However, they continue to raise the price of their flagship phones. Currently, the price of domestic flagship mobile phones has reached 6999 yuan, which is more expensive than Apple’s.
Domestic mobile phones focus on the high-end mobile phone market, with less attention paid to the low-end mobile phone market. Their 1000 yuan mobile phone is always a pity. They no longer have the cost performance advantage of the past, and there are fewer and fewer low-end mobile phones. The popular low-end mobile phones of domestic mobile phone brands in 2020 are already their basic sales volume. Without paying attention, consumers naturally vote with their feet, and the overall sales of domestic mobile phone brands are rapidly shrinking.
When domestic mobile phones performed poorly, Apple was the most beautiful child in the Chinese market in 2022, and in the first three quarters, Apple continued to grow against the trend; However, in Q4 2022, due to the high cost of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro, as well as the addition of iPhone14, iPhone 14, and new bottled old wine, industry insiders speculated that Apple’s shipment volume also declined, but Apple still won the top spot in the Chinese mobile phone market in 2022, This is the first time Apple has won the first place in the Chinese mobile phone market.
China’s mobile phone market hit a record low of just 250 million units, with Apple becoming the most beautiful child
The poor performance of domestic mobile phones in the domestic market has had an impact on their global sales. Among domestic mobile phone brands, Xiaomi phones have the lowest dependence on the domestic market, which accounts for less than 30% of sales. However, due to the setback in the domestic market of Xiaomi mobile phones, the share of Xiaomi mobile phones in the global market also declined in 2022. stay
Among other domestic mobile phone brands, two of them account for about 50% of overseas sales, with a greater impact on these two brands. Their decline in the global market was slightly greater than Xiaomi’s; Mobile phone brands that rely heavily on the domestic market may quickly reduce their global market share.
Compared to domestic mobile phone brands, Apple has won the first place in the Chinese market, which has a positive impact on its global market share. According to Q3 data in 2022, Apple has become the only brand in the global mobile phone market that has achieved growth. Market research agency SA pointed out that this quarter is also the third quarter in Apple’s history with the highest shipment volume; Canalys pointed out that Apple’s share of the global mobile phone market grew fastest in the fourth quarter of 2022.
Although Apple achieved some good results in 2022, the Q4 iPhone 14 in 2022 also educated it. Even with sufficient brand appeal, its high iPhone price can affect consumer acceptance. Guo Mingxuan, a well-known Apple analyst, predicts that Apple will learn from its mistakes. This year’s iPhone 15 will be replaced with a pill screen, and the price will also be reduced. We hope to attract more consumers to buy iPhones through the price reduction.
China’s mobile phone market hit a record low of just 250 million units, with Apple becoming the most beautiful child
In this global economic environment, consumers should prioritize buying expensive iPhones over other moderately priced Android phones. This is a surprising result. Faced with this situation, Chinese mobile phones do not seem to have learned a lesson. The price of high-end mobile phones launched in Q4 of 2022 continues to rise. Is this to give Apple more market share?

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