Research and Application of Temperature Raising Method to Test K Value of Railway Vehicles

introduction Vehicle insulation performance is one of the important indicators for evaluating vehicle performance, and it is also one of the important basis for air-conditioning unit selection. In railway vehicles, the thermal insulation performance of the vehicle is represented by the comprehensive heat transfer coefficient K value, according to the “Test Method for Thermal Insulation […]

Application of Solid State Disk in Substation Automation Equipment

Application of Solid State Disk in Substation Automation Equipment Abstract: Substation automation equipment uses a large number of solid-state hard drives as external memory, and when the number of full erases and writes of solid-state hard drives reaches a certain amount, it will affect the normal operation of automation equipment. Now, a typical SSD failure […]

Application of cloud computing technology in power dispatching

introduction With the continuous development and construction of the power system, the source, scale and type of power data continue to expand, control basic data, power grid operation data, primary and secondary equipment monitoring data/status data/working condition data, new energy resource data, natural environment data, etc. The change data and other data together constitute the […]

Wuhan Xiaoan Technology adopts u-blox M10 high-precision GNSS positioning technology

Xiaoan AT-MX intelligent central control system adopts u-blox’s latest ultra-low power M10 GNSS module to improve the positioning accuracy of shared motorcycles and effectively meet the high requirements of standardized urban traffic operations. The concept of shared travel has gradually been accepted by everyone, and the upgraded version of shared bicycles has become an optimized […]

Kailing Technology builds an integrated circuit design industry enabling cloud platform in Lingang New Area

It is reported that Kailing, an integrated circuit design cloud company, announced on April 6, 2022 that it has reached a cooperation with Synopsys, the world’s number one EDA and IP company, becoming Synopsys’ first integration company in China Circuit cloud ecological strategic partner. Synopsys assisted Kailing Technology in building an integrated circuit design industry […]

2023 The New Elephant in the Room for Investment: Shifting from Fossil Energy to Renewable Energy

Preface. In terms of technological trends, every human industrial revolution has been accompanied by an energy and power revolution, and the fourth industrial revolution is no exception. The fourth industrial revolution is characterized by a wave of digital technology, where the operation of large-scale intelligent devices and network communications will require electricity far beyond that […]