Auto Electronic Technology Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

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The industry giant “plough deep for broadcasting” has ushered in new changes in automotive electronic components
The accelerated breakthroughs in auto driving and Internet of Vehicles technology in the automobile industry have opened a huge space for the entire industry to imagine, and also put forward more stringent requirements for automotive electronics. The original industrial technology, industrial form and business model will undergo major changes. This AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA Auto Electronics Exhibition, from Bosch, Nikikon, Solar Inducement, Murata, Rubycon, Kodaga, Sensiton Technology, Jingida and other auto electronic component industry giants, follows the industry development trend, “ploughing and preparing” in the sub-fields of sensors, batteries/capacitors/resistors, connectors, cable harnesses, display modules, communication modules and other fields, and strives to seize the opportunity by using the high-quality exhibition platform.
Murata Institute, from Japan, occupies a world position in ceramic capacitors, filters, radio frequency components, and other fields. At this exhibition, Murata will showcase acceleration sensors with digital start self-diagnosis capabilities, as well as high heat resistant film capacitors for vehicles that can work in higher temperature environments.
The SMI230 six-axis inertial sensor exhibited by Bosch can provide navigation systems that support motion data. In the event of a weak or missing GPS signal, the current position of the vehicle can still be determined. Navigation systems will become more accurate and reliable.
Since its establishment in 1950, Nichikang has been committed to developing, manufacturing, and selling capacitors and circuit products essential for various electronic devices. The product has the characteristics of high performance and high quality.
Since its establishment in 1950, photosensitive devices have been continuously developing and mass producing electronic components that meet the needs of the times. Continuously meet global demand. Now we are engaged in the research, development, production, and supply of capacitors, inductors, modules, mobile communication equipment (FBAR/SAW), energy equipment, storage media, etc.
RUBYCON Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design, development, production, and sales of various types of capacitors and switching power supplies. Sales outlets are located in 12 countries worldwide. The main application fields are industrial machinery, new energy, automobiles, power supplies, computers, lighting, and communication machinery.
In addition, Kodak Electronics, a cutting-edge high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D and production of inductance and coil series products, will exhibit two representative works of new high current inductors, integrated inductors, and common mode inductors. Using low DC resistance, it has excellent impedance stability and can provide stable power output for automotive manufacturing.
5G supports Xinfengkou Internet of Vehicles exhibitors to accelerate the construction of intelligent ecosystem
As a new outlet for the development of the automobile industry, the Internet of Vehicles has become more popular under the support of 5G. However, it is also an indisputable fact that the development of the industry is faced with such pain points as the lack of unified standards, the immature profit model, and the inability to fully protect information security. Especially in the complex traffic scene with large traffic flow and fast speed, the current Internet of Vehicles is still difficult to complete the perception and real-time decision-making of complex road environment.
Although the overall development of the Internet of Vehicles is temporarily at a conceptual stage, the desire of enterprises to pursue gaps has not diminished. In addition to traditional Internet of Vehicles companies, vehicle companies and Internet companies have also joined the battle. At this AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA Auto Electronics Exhibition, a large number of industry renowned enterprises such as Italian French Semiconductor, Nextchip, Zhongjutai Optoelectronics, SYSGO, and Tongxun Technology will gather at the exhibition to showcase advanced Internet of Vehicles technology solutions.
Among them, Italy France Semiconductor will bring innovative technologies to realize intelligent driving with users, including the GNSS chip series TeseoV and TeseoAPP for high-precision positioning, and the new 1.6/2.3MP HDR global shutter width dynamic sensor demonstration for the driver monitoring system in the car, providing system support for car navigation, smart antenna, and monitoring car applications.
Beijing Guanyu Mingtong Technology, a professional agent of electronic components, has a wide range of brands and product categories. This time, Guanyu Mingtong will present technical solutions in the fields of automotive electronics AHD Demo, ISP Demo, AVM+APA Demo, and adapt to various industrial chains of automobile manufacturing with faster transmission, clearer picture quality and more convenient processing.
Zhongjutai Optoelectronics, which specializes in the development and production of FAKRA connectors, made its debut at the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA Automotive Electronics Exhibition to showcase MINI FAKRA, featuring line card connectors, high reliability terminals, and molded case designs, suitable for complex automotive environments. We look forward to the excellent performance of these products at the exhibition.
Auto driving mass production is imminent, and exhibitors are beginning to see new ecological and new energy
Automatic driving is another great vision for the development of the automobile industry, but its development is inseparable from the Internet of Vehicles and the optimization of automobile electronics. Especially in the link of vehicle-road coordination, more emphasis is placed on the coordinated realization of road intelligent construction and automobile individual intelligence. Today, the landing of 5G brings breakthroughs in network support to automatic driving, but only in communication. Other more core chip technologies, hardware control, and software systems need new ecology and new momentum to emerge.
Airbus, BlackBerry, Dspace, 360, Nuovo, Forum 8, Wind River System, and Weisheng Electronics, the powerful enterprises that have been deeply engaged in the field of automatic driving for many years, have made great achievements in the core technology fields such as automatic driving sensor fusion, control decision algorithm, etc. This AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA Auto Electronics Exhibition will be a good opportunity for these exhibitors to release new products and explore business opportunities.
The VTD – (Virtual Test Drive) displayed by Novak this time provides tools to realize complex road modeling, scene editing, traffic flow simulation, sound simulation, simulation control and image generation, and the generated file format conforms to corresponding standards.
Among them, the Forum 8 of Japan Co., Ltd. will provide the exhibition with a VR simulation environment for autonomous driving and mobile service R&D, which includes algorithms such as perception system, decision and prediction system, planning and control, as well as corresponding product forms and other contents. It can realize multi-dimensional perception mapping and positioning, and use multi-vision information to solve the control of unmanned vehicles and unmanned ships.
Other autonomous driving exhibitors will also showcase advanced technology products in the field of autonomous driving, such as cameras, radars, vehicle positioning, high-definition maps, autonomous navigation, wireless communication, voice recognition, travel information notification, electronic collision avoidance, vehicle-road communication, and multimedia vehicle terminals, to jointly improve the perception ability of autonomous driving vehicles and promote accelerated mass production of autonomous driving vehicles.
Strictly control the quality of electronic testing exhibitors and ensure vehicle quality from the source
The performance and reliability of automotive electronics need a lot of early verification to ensure, especially with the extensive use of electrical devices, electronic devices and programmable electronic devices in the field of automotive control, new safety problems continue to emerge, and professional automotive electronic testing technology must provide necessary support for the safety of the entire life cycle of the vehicle. Exhibitors from the field of automotive electronic testing technology, such as Nuovo, SGS, ixia, Cyberlum, Forum 8, will simultaneously display system-level solutions at the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA Automotive Electronics Exhibition to provide customers with high-quality engineering testing services.
SGS, a world-renowned inspection, appraisal, testing and certification agency, is committed to providing quality assurance services throughout the entire value chain to the automotive industry, maintaining the quality of parts and components to the safety of the whole vehicle. SGS will show one-stop technical service solutions covering lightweight parts of automobiles, performance of whole vehicles and parts, automotive electronic products, prohibited and restricted substances, air quality in vehicles, inspection of whole vehicles and parts, and functional safety services of automobiles.
New energy vehicles start upgrading war, electronic control technology becomes a pioneer
The electronic control system is a decisive part of the new energy vehicle, which directly affects the vehicle power efficiency and control strategy, and relates to the safety and reliability of the vehicle. In order to solve the current pain points of new energy vehicles in the fields of endurance, economy and safety, the electronic control products matched with new energy vehicles are becoming smaller and more integrated. In terms of technology, it is required to have better safety and reliability, and also put forward new requirements for electromagnetic compatibility.
In well-known enterprises such as Keihin Corporation, where the control technology of new energy vehicles is booming, it focuses on the application of industrial-grade processors with better performance to optimize the electronic control unit of new energy vehicles, so that the vehicle has better control effect. In this exhibition, Keihin will look for global supply partners at the exhibition and provide them with high-quality control system products for electric vehicles and fuel supply products for two-wheeled vehicles with the highest share in the world.
Opportunities and challenges coexist, and auto electronic materials exhibitors lay the foundation for industry strength
The trend of intelligent, energy-saving and networking in the automotive industry has driven the demand for automotive electronic components and assembly systems to rise, and the supply of electronic materials in the upstream of the industrial chain has also ushered in development opportunities. In reality, the high failure rate of automotive electronic products and the urgent need to improve the reliability of electronic components are closely related to the stability of manufacturing materials, as well as the ability to withstand heat, mechanical stress and severe environmental challenges. Exhibitors such as Abbott, Hans and Yisai Intelligent, which have long been famous in the automotive electronic materials industry, will display perfectly matched material system solutions consisting of various packaging materials, connecting materials and substrates, laying a solid foundation for the automotive industry.
With over 2000 successful cases of designing and manufacturing customized input solutions for customers, Kunshan Abbott has presented a series of manufacturing materials such as customized silicone keys, rubber gasket sealing damping, zebra stripes, and heat sinks to the audience, meeting high standards of automotive electronic quality and processing stability.
In order to help the auto electronics industry dig for the 5G huge dividend and explore the infinite possibilities of the development of smart cars in the 5G era, Shanghai Hansi Industry will display two products, PUR reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesive and UV curable adhesive, which have the characteristics of high adhesive strength, long duration of high temperature sizing, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and can effectively maintain the service life of electronic components.
Guangdong Yisai Intelligent, which focuses on providing TPMS energy supply solutions for cars, will display different series of button-type ultra-wide temperature lithium tire pressure batteries, supported by ECI’s original sealing technology and high heat resistant materials, with ultra-wide operating temperature range and excellent leak-proof characteristics, which can be used normally under high temperature and high sports environment.
The arrival of the new “four modernizations” of automobile will make the application of electronic information in intelligent connected vehicles and new energy vehicles more extensive, especially in the field of Internet of Vehicles and automatic driving, which has been paid much attention to before, will undergo revolutionary changes due to the landing of 5G technology and the gradual optimization of automobile electronic components, bringing more acceleration and sudden changes. At present, domestic auto companies, including FAW, SAIC, Geely and Great Wall Motors, have made clear development plans. International auto giants such as BMW, Tesla, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota have also laid out automatic driving, AI emotion detection and other aspects, increased research and development investment, and strive to form a first-mover advantage.
According to public data, it is expected that 5G will directly drive the sales and application of 130 million intelligent connected vehicles from 2020 to 2025; It is expected that the global Internet of Vehicles market size will exceed 650 billion yuan in 2020, and the Chinese market size will reach 200 billion yuan. The pre registration of AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2019 Auto Electronics Exhibition is in full swing. Committed to bringing together a large number of leading enterprises in the automotive electronics industry, presenting a complete digital automotive ecological chain and leading the forefront of industry development. We look forward to seeing partners from various industries come to the exhibition and communicate with industry leaders.

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