With the rise of electric vehicles, will the combustion engine disappear?

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The engine (more precisely, the power supply device) cannot be replaced, but the fuel engine can be completely replaced.

Considering the problem of oil reserves, human beings will definitely find a way to make fuel engines withdraw from the stage of history as soon as possible. Fuel engines may always exist, but they will become a very niche product similar to the existence of mechanical watches, only to meet special needs such as collections. As a power supply device, the fuel engine will inevitably be replaced. Nuclear power can replace conventional engines on large-scale equipment such as nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, while electric power has unlimited possibilities on small and medium-sized equipment such as automobiles. In other words, the future rivals of electric drives may not be conventional gasoline/diesel engines, but other power units. With the depletion of oil, the fuel engine must withdraw from the stage of history. It’s just that the technological breakthroughs of human beings may make this process an active choice of human beings, and the time for this event to occur will be greatly advanced.

The development of electric vehicles has seen a breakthrough in recent years, and electric vehicles are nothing new. However, in recent years, electric vehicles that can satisfy daily household use have become popular, which may become the beginning of the official popularization of electric vehicles and the gradual replacement of conventional engine vehicles.

With the continuous advancement of battery technology, there are relatively good solutions for fast charging, large-capacity power storage, and ensuring stability and safety. In addition, the power provided by electric vehicles is not inferior to conventional engines. At present, the main reason hindering the popularity of electric vehicles is: the price! At present, electric vehicles are mainly concentrated in the field of household small cars, and commercial vehicles such as buses have also been tried. Today, when oil resources are abundant and cheap, electric vehicles have not been able to exert their greatest power. Therefore, the most successful electric vehicle manufacturer is Tesla, an electric vehicle company that uses high-performance sports cars as the market entry point. But in the long run, with the expansion of the industry, the cost of electric vehicles will gradually decrease, and the price will definitely not become an obstacle to the development of electric vehicles. Cheap oil will always run out one day. When the cost of using fuel engines is too high, automakers and consumers will turn their attention to other power sources, and electric vehicles are one of the better options.

Therefore, it is almost inevitable that the fuel engine will be replaced. There is no question of whether this will happen, but only when it will happen. At present, electric vehicles are likely to play an important role in this historical process.

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