There are many pain points in the smart medical industry. How to break the situation of Heqing flexible electronic technology?

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With the continuous and in-depth implementation of China’s “Healthy China 2030” Plan, “Healthy China” has risen to the national strategic level. Many enterprises have responded positively, devoted themselves to the medical big health industry, and helped the construction of medical informatization. Zhejiang Heqing Flexible Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of them.
On the morning of September 12, 2019, the Smart Health Special Forum hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and hosted by OFweek was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the top smart medical industry conference in China, this smart health special forum invited many experts in the industry to come to the scene to discuss the development opportunities of smart medical industry. As one of the specially invited corporate guests at the conference, Heqing Soft Power delivered a keynote speech at the conference to share the scientific achievements of Heqing Soft Power in the field of flexible medical wearables and the important role that flexible medical wearables can play in the field of chronic disease management. After the meeting, the editor of OFweek Medical Technology Network interviewed Wang Zheng, the marketing director of Zhejiang Heqing Flexible Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and the two sides had in-depth exchanges on the application of flexible electronic technology in the field of smart medicine and the industrial layout of Heqing Flexible Electric.
There are many pain points in the smart medical industry. How to break the situation of Netting’s flexible electronic technology?
(Picture: Wang Zheng, Marketing Director of Zhejiang Heqing Flexible Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.)
Reasons why the development of smart medical industry is hindered
With the acceleration of the aging trend of China’s society, the demand for health services continues to grow. In the case of uneven distribution of medical resources, how to maximize the efficiency and service level of medical institutions has become an urgent problem to be solved in the reform of the domestic medical system, and smart medicine has become the key to solve the problem of medical informatization. At present, China’s smart medical construction is on the rise, but the level of intelligence and informatization in the medical industry is not high enough, and the integration and sharing of medical resources is difficult to be fully demonstrated.
How to solve the problems of the hospital through artificial intelligence and robot technology has become the key to the construction of smart medicine. As an important support for the construction of smart medicine, data, including the hospital’s disease characteristics, cases and indicator data, are not perfect, which is also a problem in the construction of the industry. President Wang said that there has been a big breakthrough in the development of smart medicine. From the proposed “graded diagnosis and treatment” to the “healthy China” action, the whole route of smart medicine has become increasingly clear. How to deposit high-quality medical resources and let more patients enjoy better medical services is a problem facing the industry. In the field of smart medicine, the establishment of platforms, the involvement of software, professional management and accurate data can only be combined to make the smart medical industry more perfect.
Flexible electronic technology solves the pain points of medical industry
With the increasing burden of China’s medical care, the industry is facing many problems to be solved, such as the pressure of chronic disease prevention and control, the serious aging of the population, environmental pollution and the negative impact of bad living habits, which have seriously affected the health of residents, and the thorny problems perplex practitioners in the medical treatment industry. Mr. Wang mentioned that flexible electronic technology is born to be a sharp tool to solve the pain points of the medical industry. Flexible electronic technology has several advantages. First, it is soft. Because of the use of ultra-flexible material technology, it creates incomparable comfort; Second, it is accurate and conformal to the skin, making the measurement more accurate; The third is moveable, closely following the human body; Finally, flexible electronic technology can fit the human body for a long time and realize continuous monitoring in a real sense. Compared with traditional technologies, flexible electronics has its core competitiveness. The core lies in the extendable flexible inorganic micro-nano technology. Taking wearable medical devices as an example, through flexible electronic technology, it can achieve highly reliable large deformation characteristics, fit naturally with the human body, and complete data acquisition in real time, non-invasive and accurate manner.
Flexible electronics complete the construction of flexible devices by using flexible materials that are different from traditional rigid materials, so as to design flexible circuits, which constitute a system, and finally form an integrated technical system for the manufacturing of finished products. The application of flexible electronic technology in the medical field includes monitoring and diagnosis, and treatment and rehabilitation, which are extended to include the monitoring of physical parameters and chemical parameters, and treatment and rehabilitation include drug treatment and physical therapy. The application of flexible electronics in the medical field is still very extensive, and the width and depth that can be expanded in the future will also be unlimited. The current medical situation in China also requires the empowerment of new forces such as flexible electronic technology. For example, smart medical, especially in the field of chronic diseases, flexible electronic will play its incomparable advantages.
There are many pain points in the smart medical industry. How to break the situation of Netting’s flexible electronic technology?
Heqing Flexible Electronic Technology Helps Chronic Disease Management and Intelligent Medicine
Chronic disease is a disease that has a long course of disease and needs long-term management. It is characterized by a long onset time, complex etiology, and chronic disease that will not heal once it occurs. It mainly includes coronary heart disease, chronic renal failure, cirrhosis, peptic ulcer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases. The common characteristics of chronic diseases are common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases; Occult disease and long incubation period; There are many reasons for one result, and lifestyle is the main reason; Many factors are related to each other. At this stage, there is still large room for growth in the user scale of chronic disease management applications, and the potential needs of some users are still to be explored. With the gradual enhancement of individual health awareness, patients’ acceptance of Internet medical products and services will continue to increase, and the users of chronic disease management applications will further expand, and the demand for related products, such as wearable medical devices, will also increase.
Bringing smart medical and health services into public life and changing the patient’s medical treatment mode will be the mainstream form of diagnosis and treatment in and out of the hospital in the future, and smart medical will also become a way of chronic disease management. China needs a more innovative and technology-driven medical service system. Effective multi-dimensional specific behavior plan will be the core development direction of the future chronic disease management plan, and the health system that patients expect and the key to effective health management. In the cardiovascular field, smart medicine runs through the whole disease process from the beginning, middle and end of the disease, and can be fully applied from health products to medical products, including sports and fitness before the disease, disease prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment during the disease, chronic disease management during the recovery period, and old-age care.
At present, Heqing Soft Power has independently developed a series of medical wearable devices to monitor human ECG, body temperature, sleep, fetal heart, blood glucose, blood oxygen, blood pressure and other vital signs by virtue of the world’s leading flexible electronic technology. With this series of flexible medical wearable devices, it can provide users with various real-time monitoring data of the human body, predict individual cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, diabetes, apnea and other diseases, realize individual disease risk prediction, and provide assistance for residents to manage their personal health. President Wang said that based on the Internet intelligent medical overall solution independently developed by Heqing Soft Power, medical institutions will be able to better monitor the post-operative rehabilitation of each patient, provide more convenient and intelligent medical services for patients, and provide important reference support for medical institutions to allocate medical resources. Doctors can achieve instant on-site or remote consultation based on the feedback of wearable medical devices of Heqing Soft Power, It greatly reduces the treatment costs of both doctors and patients.
There are many pain points in the smart medical industry. How to break the situation of Netting’s flexible electronic technology?
With the continuous upgrading of technology and services, Heqing Soft Power can realize true intelligent medical treatment. In the future, medical monitoring and diagnosis will not be limited to hospitals. With medical wearable devices, disease monitoring and remote diagnosis can be carried out at home anytime and anywhere. In this way, the uneven distribution of medical resources across the country has been improved, so as to reduce the power of the medical population to gather in the third-class hospitals in large cities, and thus alleviate the problem of “difficult to see a doctor” in domestic megacities.
Wearable medical treatment still has a lot to play after “hot” to “low”
The rapid development of smart medicine has brought the development of wearable medical devices. Wearable medical devices refer to portable medical or health electronic devices that can be directly worn on the body. They can sense, record, analyze, regulate, intervene and even treat diseases or maintain health status with the support of software. There are many kinds of medical wearable devices on the market, but their functions are relatively simple. Wearable medical care has experienced a boom to a bust, for many reasons. President Wang said that for wearable medical products, there were many media reports about 10 years ago, and then some products were launched. But when we look back at these products, we find that most of the companies that produce these products are from some electronic companies. When designing products, they are more satisfied with the model construction of shape and simple data, and the products produced are only used as a product we often wear. He mentioned that there are not many products that really integrate wearable and medical care. At present, many products are not suitable for medical diagnosis and treatment or medical environment, and many wearable medical products cannot meet medical indicators. In the whole process of diagnosis and treatment, if there is no medical institution to support this product and let the public purchase it voluntarily, many medical indicators are invisible, so naturally few people use it.
Wearable medical devices will be a new growth point in chronic disease management. Chronic disease management and intelligent medicine must be organically combined to achieve twice the result with half the effort. In this regard, wearable medical devices will play an increasingly important role, and flexible electronic technology will have great potential. President Wang believes that flexible electronics will make more products thinner, softer and lighter. In the whole process of active health, it will make patients more comfortable when wearing such products, and will not bring burden to patients. It will truly integrate health into life, spread more health data or abnormal data, and help patients carry out health management. Wearable medicine is a huge leap. From the light and soft point of view, it makes patients more willing to carry such products. Wearable medicine is not to make accurate diagnosis, but to make early prevention and screening. It is very critical in the whole screening process. Most medical wearable devices can automatically sense, record, analyze and manage health data, and some wearable medical devices can even be used to treat chronic diseases. By analyzing the data recorded by wearable devices such as blood oxygen saturation detection, real-time heart rate monitoring, scientific sleep monitoring and so on, doctors can understand the patient’s physical condition more comprehensively and timely, so as to formulate a feasible treatment plan and make the patient recover to health as soon as possible.
The collection and analysis of data has become the core of the development of wearable medical devices in the future. The standards of wearable medical devices in the market are not uniform. At present, the ability to analyze health data is insufficient, and the country has not yet been able to grasp truly high-quality data, and has not really realized its application value. Mr. Wang mentioned that the new flexible medical wearable products made by Heqing Soft Power can fit the human skin conformally with the characteristics of flexible electronic technology, provide users with real-time health monitoring data, let users know their personal health status in real time, save the cost of going to the hospital for inspection and measurement, and also reduce the use cost and time cost of users. The real-time monitoring provided by the flexible medical wearable products of Duqing Soft Power can realize the early screening and prevention of chronic diseases, the diagnosis and monitoring during the onset, and even the management of the rehabilitation period. It runs through the whole cycle of diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, and is extremely suitable for the application in the management of chronic diseases in the medical field.
Future industrial layout
The flexible wearable medical equipment of Heqing Soft Power can provide users with integrated services of diagnosis, monitoring and intervention, and provide users with the most convenient and practical mobile medical health benefits. In the future smart medical scenario, people can view their physiological signs data at home, and can communicate with the doctors in the hospital in real time to carry out early disease prevention and postoperative rehabilitation monitoring. Such a medical scenario is worth looking forward to.
There are many pain points in the smart medical industry. How to break the situation of Netting’s flexible electronic technology?
President Wang said: Heqing Soft Power is a relatively young enterprise. From the perspective of direction, we are committed to the field of smart medicine, which is beyond doubt. In smart medicine, we also focus on wearable medicine. Through our technology, we hope to develop a product in the future, which can combine multiple indicators and be used on people through wearable devices, while making its accuracy and stability reach the level of medical level.
For the future planning, the company has already made relevant strategic arrangements. First, focus on the world’s top intellectual resources, build a world’s leading flexible electronic technology platform, and continue to launch system-level products and services as well as innovative major achievements; Second, aim at flexible integrated circuits and chips, flexible energy devices, flexible bioelectronics, flexible sensing and intelligent technology, health care and other directions and fields; Third, adhere to the industrialization orientation and market-oriented mode of operation, realize the organic connection of basic research, applied research and achievement transformation, and lead the development of the global flexible electronic technology industry. With the goal of creating a flexible pioneer and leading the way of wisdom, Heqing Soft Power keeps innovating to create a flexible electronic and intelligent technology innovation platform.

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