The world’s first 5G wireless transmission remote surgery test was successful!

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Recently, according to the Fuzhou Evening News, the world’s first 5G wireless transmission remote surgery was successfully tested in Fuzhou in December last year, which to some extent created conditions for the clinical application of 5G remote surgery in the future.
It is reported that Professor Liu Rong of the Second Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army performed the operation on the same day, and the two ends of the operation were 50 kilometers apart. Professor Liu Rong manipulates the robot’s mechanical arm in the multi-equipment control room of China Unicom Southeast Research Institute, remotely operates the surgical forceps and electric scalpel in the operating room of Mengchao Hepatobiliary Hospital of Fujian Medical University through 5G transmission technology, and performs remote hepatectomy for the experimental animals there. The whole operation lasted for nearly 1 hour, and the operation delay was less than 30 milliseconds. Finally, the operation was successfully completed. After operation, the vital signs of the experimental animals were stable.
The biggest problem encountered by remote surgery before is signal delay, and the development of 5G transmission technology will exceed the transmission speed of optical fiber, replace the transmission medium connected by cables, break the boundaries of space, and further promote the application and research of remote robot surgery. Professor Liu Rong said in an interview with CCTV: “It can allow us to complete the operation in many occasions. It can completely allow the surgeon to sit in a standardized operating room, and one person can perform the operation thousands of miles or hundreds of kilometers away.”

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