Sword Finger 3 trillion! Support for new lighting applications! The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued an electronic guidance document on energy!

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The Opinion proposes that by 2025, the annual output value of the energy electronics industry will reach 3 trillion yuan; By 2030, industrial clusters and ecosystems will continue to improve, and new generation information technologies such as 5G/6G, advanced computing, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet will be widely used in the energy field. The energy electronics industry will become a key force in promoting carbon peak and carbon neutrality.
The energy electronics industry is an emerging industry that is emerging and rapidly developing through the integration and innovation of electronic information technology and new energy demand. It is a generic term for electronic information technology and products that produce energy, serve energy, and apply energy, mainly including solar photovoltaic, new energy storage batteries, key end applications, key information technology, and products, covering the lighting field.
Lighting products and technologies have been mentioned many times in the document. In promoting advanced products and technology demonstration, the Opinions require that the level of LED technology with long life and high efficiency be improved, the application of new semiconductor lighting products in smart cities and smart homes be promoted, and green lighting and health lighting be developed.
In promoting the development and innovative application of key information technologies and products, the Opinions propose to improve the supply capacity of key information technology products in energy electronics, involving six specific subdivisions, including power semiconductor devices and light emitting diodes, which are directly related to the lighting industry:https://www.stoneitech.com/
Power semiconductor devices. For photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage systems, semiconductor lighting, etc., develop high temperature, high voltage, low loss, and high reliability IGBT devices and modules for new energy, advanced wide band gap semiconductor materials such as SiC, GaN, and advanced topology and packaging technology, as well as new power electronic devices and key technologies.
Light emitting diode. Promote the research and development of high-quality, full-spectrum LED chips and devices, and accelerate the improvement of the performance of chips, silver adhesives, epoxy resins, and other materials. For non visual applications such as machine vision, plant growth, and ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization, it breaks through LED production processes, high luminous efficiency yellow LED chips, new efficient non visible light emitting materials and other technologies to support new lighting applications.

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