Mention optical storage, semiconductor lighting! Six departments issued guidance on the development of the energy electronics industry

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the People’s Bank of China, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the National Energy Administration issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Energy Electronics Industry (hereinafter referred to as the “Opinions”) to promote the development of the energy electronics industry and help achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral goals.
Mention optical storage, semiconductor lighting! Six departments issued guidance on the development of the energy electronics industry
What is worthy of the attention of the lighting industry is that the Opinions mention a number of content closely related to the innovative development of the lighting industry.
01. “Photovoltaic+energy storage” lighting mode has unlimited prospects
In the key points of increasing the application and promotion of emerging fields, the Opinions mentioned that the adoption of distributed energy storage, “photovoltaic+energy storage” and other modes should promote the diversification of energy supply, establish a distributed photovoltaic cluster supporting energy storage system, promote the consumption of renewable energy such as data centers, and explore the development of smart energy systems, smart microgrids, and virtual power plants that integrate energy, grid, load, and storage, and complement multiple energy sources, Develop a fast real-time microgrid coordinated control system and multi user friendly intelligent supply and demand interaction technology, accelerate the research and development of photovoltaic products and energy storage systems suitable for smart microgrids, and meet users’ personalized power consumption needs.
The proposal of a series of action points for “photovoltaic+energy storage” in the Opinions will provide a strong policy driving force for new energy lighting. In fact, the off grid lighting mode dominated by “photovoltaic+energy storage” has been piloted throughout the country in recent years.
As early as December 2015, the first high-altitude off-grid photovoltaic energy storage tunnel lighting system in China was put into operation in the Zaduo Tunnel in Zaduo County, Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province. The tunnel lighting system uses lithium iron phosphate batteries for energy storage, which can drive 347 energy-saving tunnel lamps and 4 street lamps outside the tunnel for lighting. At the same time, intelligent monitoring means are used to achieve simple operation and maintenance and unattended. Moreover, the successful application of microgrid independent power generation technology provides a demonstration for local people to use clean green energy.
In August 2020, the 141 base photovoltaic thin film solar street lamp installed on the West Fifth Road in Zibo, Shandong Province wrapped the solar panel on the main pole of the street lamp. Through the intelligent control system and remote control, it can achieve artificial intelligent management, reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance, and present different brightness effects according to different lighting times.
In September 2021, Shandong Linyi No. 40 Middle School installed 288 eye protection lamps for 24 classrooms, and installed 6 solar photovoltaic panels at the same time, achieving DC power supply through photovoltaic power generation. Through new energy+intelligent manufacturing, photovoltaic power generation+eye protection lamps, caring for the health of young people, building a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient energy system on campus, which helps to further do a good job in carbon neutrality.
In September 2022, the experimental project carried out by the Guangxi Company of the National Energy Group in Hengzhou, Nanning, Guangxi, obtained a small amount of electric energy from photovoltaic power generation to directly supply LED plant lamps, compensating for the reduced natural light caused by the shielding of photovoltaic panels, and providing suitable light for rice photosynthesis and healthy growth.
With the issuance of the Opinions and the diversified layout of the new energy industry by multiple lighting companies, the lighting model of “photovoltaic+energy storage” is about to open the road of socialization and popularization, and drive the energy transformation upsurge of the national lighting industry.
02. Semiconductor lighting will set off a new wave of promotion
On the basis of “optical storage terminal information” enabling lighting and energy storage facilities, the Opinions further propose to promote advanced products and technology demonstration, improve the level of LED technology with long life and high efficiency, promote the application of new semiconductor lighting products in smart cities, smart homes, and other fields, and develop green lighting and healthy lighting. Based on this, the Opinions also mentioned semiconductor lighting related content in the action to improve the supply capacity of three key energy and electronic information technology products:
Regarding optoelectronic devices, the Opinions mentioned that based on the demand for energy electronics, high-speed optical communication chips, high-speed high-precision optical detectors, high-speed direct and external modulation lasers, high-speed modulator chips, high-power lasers, digital signal processor chips for optical transmission, high-speed drivers, and cross impedance amplifier chips should be developed.
For power semiconductor devices, the Opinions also propose to develop IGBT devices and modules with high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, low loss, and high reliability for new energy applications for semiconductor lighting, advanced wide band gap semiconductor materials such as SiC and GaN, advanced topology and packaging technologies, and new types of electrical and electronic devices and key technologies.
Light emitting diodes are the key content mentioned in the Opinions on the promotion of key lighting related electronic information technology products. The Opinions proposed to promote the research and development of high quality, full spectrum LED chips and devices, accelerate the improvement of chip, silver glue, epoxy resin and other performance, and face non visual applications such as machine vision, plant growth, UV disinfection and sterilization, break through LED production processes, high luminous efficiency yellow LED chips, new high efficient non visible light emitting materials and other technologies to support new lighting applications.
Against the backdrop of continuous transformation and innovation in the domestic cutting-edge scientific and technological fields, the proposal of semiconductor lighting actions related to the Opinions will also enable Lighting Light to enter more high-tech industries under the general trend of the development of the energy and electronics industry, thereby continuously fulfilling the value of social and livelihood.

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