How much will the American Chip Act affect us?

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As we all know, in recent days, many media that focus on chips are discussing the Chip and Science Act just passed by the United States.
Many people said that in this bill, on the one hand, it is to improve the competitiveness of American chips and technology, on the other hand, it is to suppress the Chinese chip industry, and it will also lock up China’s high-end chips for 10 years.
So the bill has a great impact on us, especially on the chip industry. We can only rely on ourselves.
How much will the American Chip Act affect us?
So the question is, how much will this chip act affect us?
Before you say this question, tell an interesting story. After the bill was passed, the American chip stock group fell sharply on August 10. The Philadelphia Semiconductor Index closed down 4.6%. Applied materials, cell chips, ASML, Micron, etc. all fell, and the market value of more than 100 billion yuan disappeared.
However, the opposite is true in China. On August 10, the wind semiconductor equipment index rose by 1.02%, and many semiconductor stocks rose sharply and performed quite strongly.
From this comparison, we believe that everyone will understand that behind this bill, the capital market is not optimistic about what it will bring to the United States, and in the eyes of domestic capital, it will not have a great impact on our chip industry.
Why? First of all, the chip subsidy of US $52 billion is not painful for the chip industry. A 5nm chip production line costs more than US $10 billion, US $52 billion, which is equivalent to five production lines.
What’s more, there are so many enterprises to share together. The final share is not much, and there is not much incentive.
How much will the American Chip Act affect us?
In fact, in manufacturing chips, there are many difficulties. Human resources, infrastructure, environment, etc. are all doomed. Its operating costs will be quite high. So even if it is manufactured in the United States, compared with manufacturing in the Asia-Pacific region, it is not competitive enough. It is simply a paper tiger.
As for locking up China’s high-end chips for 10 years, it is even more superficial. The United States has not allowed the export of 14nm and below equipment to China, and chip companies are only mature technology in the mainland, so the so-called “no investment in advanced technology in the mainland within 10 years” is just repeated.
As for high-end chips, we have always had a consensus that everything depends on ourselves, and the whole supply chain should be upgraded, so the impact of locking is not significant.
How much will the American Chip Act affect us?
So instead of worrying about other people’s chip bill, which will affect the development of our chip industry, we should strive to improve our internal skills. Although this bill is aimed at China in many places, in fact, the United States has always been so targeted. It is not surprising.
Finally, the real implementation of this bill will also face difficulties such as inaccurate distribution, difficult supervision, conflict of interest, etc. Don’t worry about it. It is better to move a stool to see the play first.

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