Does Bomin Electronics go deep into the field of new energy vehicles? Starting Strategic Cooperation with Xiaopeng Automobile

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With the transition from traditional cars to electrification and intelligence, the automotive PCB market has brought explosive growth. In 2021, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China far exceeded 3.5 million, with a year-on-year average increase of 1.6 times. New energy vehicle companies have increased demand for high-end circuit boards, and in order to ensure a stable supply of PCBs, they have joined hands with circuit board head manufacturers.
On March 22, Bomin Electronics released a notice on the receipt of a notice on the designated development of Xiaopeng Automobile by a wholly-owned subsidiary. Xiaopeng Automobile officially joined hands with Bomin Electronics to launch strategic cooperation, providing a strong guarantee for the improvement of the production and sales of new energy vehicles, and further consolidating its leading position in the automotive industry.
According to the announcement, Shenzhen Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd. recently received a “fixed point development notice” from Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., providing stable supply of F30 and E38 vehicle related components and products for Xiaopeng Automobile. The project life cycle is expected to be 5 years, and the transaction value is between 250 million and 300 million yuan.
Bomin Electronics stated that it will seize the opportunity of new energy vehicles, continue to expand the business related to new energy vehicles, and complete the development, test verification, production preparation, and delivery of designated products within the specified time in strict accordance with the requirements of Xiaopeng Automobile.
In recent years, Bomin Electronics has actively expanded its new energy vehicle project, relying on the patented product “Strong and Weak Current Integrated Special Circuit Board” from the PCB business group, to provide one-stop services integrating design, production, assembly, and debugging, with the aim of creating and implementing a professional PCBA solution solution provider for new energy vehicle power control modules. Currently, the design team has 5 years and hundreds of cases of design experience, with design capabilities covering battery packs, BDUs, PDUs, OBCs, VCUs, etc. for commercial and passenger vehicles. It has a professional production management team and a vehicle level electronic assembly workshop, supporting customers’ high-quality and rapid response product requirements. At the same time, this business model has been docking and cooperating with multiple new energy vehicle enterprises.
In January 2018, Bomin Electronics signed the New Energy Strategic Cooperation Agreement with BYD. In the same year, we acquired Shenzhen Juntian Hengxun Technology, and the two sides worked together to provide customers with modular products and customized electronic circuit solutions in new energy vehicle power devices and other aspects. In 2021, the products of Bomin Electronics have been applied to many new energy vehicle companies, and successfully introduced to high-quality customers in the automotive industry in Europe, America, South Korea, and China.
BYD is the earliest car company to cooperate with Bomin Electronics. In 2021, BYD sold 7301000 new cars in the entire passenger car series, an increase of 75.4% year-on-year; Among them, the sales of new energy vehicles reached 593700 units, a year-on-year increase of 231.6%.
Xiaopeng Automobile leads the new force of car building, with a sales volume of 98000 units in 2021, an increase of over 360% year-on-year. In 2022, Xiaopeng Automobile also set a big target of exceeding 250000 vehicles in sales and hitting 300000 vehicles. Recently, it was reported on the internet that Xiaopeng Automobile was unable to deliver the car on time due to insufficient production capacity due to supply chain issues, and many car owners complained jointly.
Therefore, the reason behind Xiaopeng Automobile’s decision to hold hands with Bomin Electronics is self-evident. Xiaopeng Motors has set a sales target of 250000 vehicles in 2022, which is 2.55 times that of 2021. The demand for automotive related components has surged, and the previous supply chain system has been unable to support it. Xiaopeng Motors has had to seek new suppliers to avoid the occurrence of related component shortages and slow down the progress of vehicle construction.
Shenzhen Bomin Electronics supplies parts and components related to Xiaopeng Motor’s F30 and E38 models. It is reported that there are currently four models of Xiaopeng Automobile: Xiaopeng P7 code E28; Xiaopeng P5 code D55; Xiaopeng G3 code D20; Xiaopeng G9 code E38. It is speculated that the F30 model will be the fifth model manufactured by Xiaopeng Automobile in 2022. “The E38 model also made its debut in Guangzhou last year, so Bomin Electronics is supplying the latest two models of Xiaopeng Automobile, which will be mass produced in 2022. It is understandable that Xiaopeng Automobile will hold hands with Bomin Electronics at this time.”.
In addition to Bomin Electronics, automotive PCB suppliers include Huatong Computer, Zhending Technology, Xiehe Electronics, Zhuhai Zixiang, Xinxing Electronics, Shennan Circuit, Hushi Electronics, Jingwang Electronics, Chongda Technology, Shenghong Technology, Sihui Fushi, World Games Circuit, Shenlian Circuit, etc.
Among them, the automotive customers of Shennan Circuit are BYD and Bosch; Jingwang Electronics’ automotive customer is SAIC Volkswagen; The automotive customer of Chongda Technology is Bosch; The automotive customer of Shenghong Technology is BYD; The automotive customers of Shenlian Circuit are Bourns, Omron, and BYD.
With the help of government preferential policies, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly, with explosive growth in the past two years, leading to a supply chain crisis for automotive companies. In order to stabilize the supply of automotive PCBs, automotive companies are launching a boom in PCB supplier cooperation.

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