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Zhuhai has initially formed a characteristic industrial chain
Chip design is an industry that Zhuhai has made great efforts to develop. Since 2002, Zhuhai has initially formed an integrated circuit design industry chain of chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, and system application.
At present, Zhuhai has gathered more than 100 upstream and downstream integrated circuit enterprises. In terms of enterprise performance, there are 22 integrated circuit enterprises with a revenue scale of more than 100 million yuan in Zhuhai.
According to the data, in 2021, the integrated circuit industry in the city will be dominated by the design industry, and the equipment manufacturing industry, material manufacturing industry, production manufacturing and testing industry will accelerate.
Among them, the operating income of design owners was 10.577 billion yuan, up 26.84% year on year.
The main business income of integrated circuit industry was 12.583 billion yuan, up 35.13% year on year.
In 2021, there are 22 integrated circuit enterprises with a revenue scale of more than 100 million yuan in the city, and they have domestic leading advantages in three characteristic areas, including Bluetooth TWS chips, printing consumables chips, and power management chips.
At present, Zhuhai is actively negotiating with Fangrui United, a manufacturer of high-end customized wafers driven by 12-inch display, as well as Tongfu Microelectronics, 771 Institute, Xingsen Technology, Accelerator Technology and other manufacturers on the implementation of major projects.
Juli and Jianrong have laid the foundation of Zhuhai’s chip
When it comes to the integrated circuit industry in Zhuhai, there are two enterprises that cannot be ignored: Zhuhai Juli and Jianrong.
More than ten years ago, some investors from Taiwan and Hong Kong gathered a group of young graduates from Chengdu, South China University of Technology, Peking University and Tsinghua University to establish the predecessor of Tori.
In 2004, Juli leapt up and became the leader of MP3 chips.
Relying on MP3 SoC chips, Juli gradually went abroad. It officially landed on NASDAQ in December 2005 and became the largest supplier of MP3 chips in the world in 2006.
Another Jianrong, Zheng Zhuorong, who had been wandering overseas for nearly 20 years in 2003, returned to his hometown, Hong Kong, and wanted to bring back the experience and technology he learned abroad to China.
Up to now, Jianrong Group has six product lines, namely, WiFi chip, Bluetooth chip, single-chip computer, video chip, audio chip, mobile storage chip, etc.
What is more profound is that in the next few years, many talents have emerged from Juli and later Juxin. The seeds of dandelion have spread all over Zhuhai, and Zhuhai has bred more chip enterprises.
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TWS makes Zhuhai chip enterprises open again
The craze of Apple’s Airpods has attracted a large number of Bluetooth headset chips, and chip manufacturers in Zhuhai are ready to move again at this time.
The three enterprises, namely, Zhuhai Jerry, Zhongke Lanxun and Zhuhai Jianrong, are the most fierce, and have once again stepped on the forefront of the TWS era.
Among the components, the manufacturer with the largest shipment volume of TWS Bluetooth headset chips from Apple is Zhuhai Jerry.
It is mainly engaged in the research, development and sales of system-level chips (SoC) such as radio frequency intelligent terminals and multimedia intelligent terminals.
On June 22, 2022, Jerry Technology updated the prospectus again, which is the fourth time that Jerry Technology has impacted the IPO since March 2017.
Sinotech Lanxun was founded in 2016 with its headquarters in Shenzhen and its R&D center in Zhuhai.
It focuses on the research and development and sales of wireless interconnection SOC chips, and the products and software solutions of Sinotech Lanxun chips are mainly applied to high-performance headphones, speakers, AI intelligence, Internet of Things and other fields.
AI chip world | depth | Zhuhai chip industry
The domestic power management chip circuit also burned to Zhuhai
In April 2022, Yingjixin was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. Yingjixin is a digital-analog hybrid chip manufacturer whose main businesses are power management, research and development and sales of fast-charging protocol chips.
In April 2022, Zhuhai Zhirong Technology’s application for listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board was accepted.
Its digital-analog hybrid chip design company focused on the field of power management chips, specifically including lithium battery fast charge and discharge management chips, multi-port output dynamic power regulation chips and fast charge protocol chips.
In June 2022, Zhuhai Boya Technology plans to IPO. Its main product is NOR Flash chip.
InnoSecco is a chip supplier in the field of GaN power semiconductors. In February this year, InnoSecco completed a round D financing of nearly 3 billion yuan.
According to the data of Trendforce in 2021, the global market share of InnoSecco GaN power products rose to 20% at one stroke, leaping to the third place in the world, ranking second only to Navitas and PI.
AI chip world | depth | Zhuhai chip industry
All regions collectively focus on the development of semiconductor industry
Jinwan District: 63 projects were signed at the industrial development conference with a total investment of more than 180 billion yuan, including 4 integrated circuit projects in 10 key enterprise projects.
At present, the main development focus of the integrated circuit industry in Jinwan District is on wafer manufacturing and packaging materials, especially semiconductor materials.
Doumen District: In April this year, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Fushan IC carrier production base construction project of Zhuhai Hemei Jingyi Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was held in Fushan Industrial Park to build a production base for high-end integrated circuit packaging substrate.
High-tech Zone: From January to April this year, the High-tech Zone newly introduced 12 key semiconductor and integrated circuit projects, with an estimated total investment of 11.2 billion yuan.
Among them, the project of research and production base of pan-semiconductor laser equipment is planned to invest 10.3 billion yuan. It is planned to build the research and production base of pan-semiconductor laser equipment and three research and development centers, mainly including the research and development and manufacturing of equipment for semiconductors, micro-displays and PCBs.
Measures to promote industrial clusters and coordinated development
① We will vigorously support and introduce IDM enterprises and explore new models such as virtual IDM and shared IDM.
② Strengthen cooperation with major foundries by building EDA layout and wiring innovation platform, advanced semiconductor IP and customized mass production platform.
③ Support the capital increase and production expansion of the 8-inch silicon-based GaN epitaxy and chip mass production line, rapidly form the scale production capacity, and break the bottleneck hindering the development of Zhuhai’s integrated circuit industry.
④ Actively connect with leading international and domestic packaging and testing technology enterprises, actively introduce advanced packaging technologies and teams such as system-level packaging, three-dimensional packaging, panel-level packaging and wafer level packaging, and gradually meet the broad needs of the local market.
⑤ Vigorously introduce leading enterprises in the field of equipment including etching, cleaning, ion implantation, CMP, ATE and other key links.
⑥ Cultivate and introduce domestic and foreign leading enterprises in the field of special raw materials such as silicon wafer, photoresist, polishing fluid, sputtering target, metal wire, cleaning fluid, medium and high-end electronic chemicals.
Make up the current situation of [manufacturing shortage, weak sealing and testing]
The current situation of the integrated circuit industry in Zhuhai is characterized by [strong design, lack of manufacturing, weak sealing and testing]. The policy will focus on improving the basic advantages of the design industry and making up for the shortage of industrial supporting services.
At present, Zhuhai has clearly proposed to focus on the four leading industries of the new generation of information technology, new energy, integrated circuits, biomedicine and health, and to strengthen the three dominant industries of smart home appliances, equipment manufacturing and fine chemicals.
Zhuhai is focusing on the five links of integrated circuit industry chain design, manufacturing, packaging, equipment and materials, aiming at leading enterprises at home and abroad to carry out precise investment attraction, and fully promoting the introduction, implementation and production of key projects through [investment promotion].
At the stage of enterprise introduction and landing, the project settlement and capital increase will be supported with awards and subsidies, up to 100 million yuan; Projects selected for the innovation and entrepreneurship team in Zhuhai will be given a subsidy of up to 100 million yuan.
In the stage of industrialization and strengthening, awards of up to 1 million yuan to 15 million yuan will be given according to the type of enterprise and the first breakthrough of annual operating income.
It is of overall significance and driving force for industrial development, and can form major innovation achievements with independent intellectual property rights within 3-5 years, and fill the technological breakthrough of industrial gaps.
Cooperate with Macao to promote integrated circuit production and research cooperation
There are regional differences among cities in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Zhuhai should give play to its comparative advantages and cooperate with Macao’s leading scientific research in the innovation and cooperation of integrated circuit industry.
Accelerate the construction of an international IC innovation talent highland, give full play to the role of the Hengqin New Area National Talent Management Reform Pilot Zone, establish a talent management and service system that is in line with the international standards, and support young people from Hong Kong and Macao to come to Zhuhai for integrated circuit innovation and entrepreneurship.
At the same time, accelerate the introduction and gathering of industrial talents, and support the application of high-level integrated circuit talents [Zhuhai Talent Plan].
It will also expand the cooperation of space carrier services in Zhuhai-Macao industry, and plans to build an international first-class integrated circuit industry innovation park based on the high standards of Hengqin Science City.
Special measures will be developed to promote cross-border flow and cooperation of innovative elements such as integrated circuit talents, technology and capital.
Zhuhai is a city with beautiful environment. It is not impetuous and slow. It is especially suitable for industries like semiconductor design that need to sit on the bench for a long time to produce.
Nowadays, the transportation in Zhuhai is becoming more and more convenient, and the information flow and logistics are also relatively developed. It is a city suitable for both work and life. It is especially suitable for diving to cultivate internal skills and achieve career.
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