LED LCD screen and LCD screen how to distinguish?

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LED LCD screen and LCD LCD screen how to distinguish? I believe that many people have questions. Today, Shenzhen Micro and Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. will answer them with you!

Many people mistakenly think that LED is better than LCD, but it is not. LED displays display softer colors, and the light intensity in the center of the screen is the same as the light intensity in the edge of the screen. The difference is hardly felt, which is suitable for long time playing games.

But LCD light intensity is high, due to high light intensity, the color of the display is bright, suitable for watching a movie, the light intensity of the center of the screen and the edge of the light intensity is slightly different, the edge is slightly dark, if you do not care, then the LED LCD screen and LCD LCD screen how to distinguish? Next, follow Shenzhen micro and Sheng Technology Co., LTD. Xiaobian together to see it!

LED originally refers to light-emitting diode, we often say that LED is the liquid crystal display using light-emitting diode as the light source, LCD refers to the liquid crystal display with CCFL(cold cathode fluorescent lamp) as the light source.

The biggest difference between them is the use of different backlight. Compared with the LCD using CCFL(cold cathode fluorescent lamp) as the light source, the LCD panel using LED as the backlight has the following three advantages:

1, the thickness of the LCD with LED backlight will be further reduced

LED notebook panel thickness is about 1/2 of the ordinary CCFL screen;

2, longer life, lower power consumption, more environmental protection

The life of LED is up to 100,000 hours, even if you use it for 10 hours a day, you can use it for 27 years. With the use of LED backlight system, energy consumption can be significantly reduced, 48% lower than CCFL LCD, and LED does not use mercury, which is environmentally friendly, quite environmentally friendly, and CCFL contains mercury;

3, LED backlight screen color performance is far better than CCFL

LED backlights do not perform well in terms of color levels, resulting in LCD screens that are inferior to CRTS in terms of grayscale and color transition. According to tests, CCFL backlights only achieve 78% NTSC color area, while LED backlights can easily achieve 100% NTSC color area. LED backlights also have significant advantages in color performance and color gradient transition.

At present, most of the LED displays on the market are not real LED displays, but LED backlight LCD, LCD panel is still the traditional LCD display, for LCD, the most important key is its LCD panel and backlight type, and the LCD panel on the market is generally used TFT panel, which is the same, The only difference between leds and LCDS is the type of backlight.

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