Elevator LCD Display Manufacturers

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  Now elevator LCD display manufacturers in the lifting media investment have become the consensus in the industry, in the case of the elevator, and real estate profits falling, elevator LCD display has become a real estate company, property management companies, and elevator company value-added new way, regardless of their on the propaganda, or packaging to the professional advertising company, in society can be sitting on the next economic dividends.

  Multimedia Elevator LCD display control system is a kind of intelligent development inevitable trend, is also completely substitutes the traditional elevator display device, the traditional elevator LED display in the basic functions (fluctuation floor display, running direction, overload, fire control, driver and other signals) at the same time, the use of advanced processing system and image elevator LCD display, can be convenient and fast way (by USB flash drive, etc), local area network, remote network, release information, update the multimedia display, either in a narrow space elevator,Through rich and colorful multimedia elevator LCD display (video ads, images, audio, real-time TV advertisement, notifications, information, network information, the information such as weather, stock), helped by ladder guests relaxed mood, creating an environment of pleasure of the elevator, at the same time, the property management center, the hotel front desk or release information center can be convenient, quick release, update the multimedia display information, so as to replace the tedious manual notice.

  At the same time, advertisements can be displayed in public places with a multimedia display in elevators, so as to collect the cost of maintaining the LCD screen in elevators and increase the economic growth point of advertisements. It is necessary to use modern technology to construct the intelligent system of modern building management in the construction of commercial buildings and high-end residential areas in prosperous areas, so as to create a unique style with more high-quality science and technology.

  As a new elevator capsules media, elevator advertising machine can not only help by guests relaxed mood, creating an environment of pleasure of the elevator, at the same time, the property management center or release information can be convenient, quick release, update the multimedia display information, information in a timely manner, the narrow edge flat-fell seam 3 * 5 splicing screen not only for the whole platform to promote the overall image, but also provides a perfect display of monitor, monitor no dead Angle, master the real-time situation, strength to ensure safety. As an overall solution provider, Your color Display will create more professional platforms in the later stage, be committed to creating different LCD display equipment for various industries, and create more value with professionalism and heart!

  As the elevator is special equipment, it mainly operates in the confined space inside the building, so it has high requirements for the production and research, and development of many parts. The controller is the core part of the elevator, and it needs to keep improving in terms of technology and performance.

  Excellent team and core competitiveness are the foundation of the development of elevator LCD display manufacturers. The core competitiveness is the integration of production, research and development, management, marketing, and other services to meet the market demand.

  STONE provides a full range of 3.5 inches to 15.1 inches of small and medium-size standard quasi TFT LCD module, LCD display, TFT display module, display industry, industrial LCD screen, under the sunlight visually highlight TFT LCD display, industrial custom TFT screen, TFT LCD screen-wide temperature, industrial TFT LCD screen, touch screen industry. The TFT LCD module is very suitable for industrial control equipment, medical instruments, POS system, electronic consumer products, vehicles, and other products.

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Elevator LCD Display Manufacturers

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